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Why Hanging Wedding Cakes are the Best!

Designed by ABIA Award Winning A Little Cake Place.

If you're hanging for some wedding cake, you will definitely want to continue reading about the new trend of the suspended wedding cake.

Hanging Wedding Cake Chandelier

Kirsty & Sam won a $35,000 Wedding with ABIA and A Little Cake Place was part of their Dream Wedding! Photo by Doux Wedding Corp.

If you think about it, the power of a cake is pretty impressive. You'll notice with any event whether it be a birthday, anniversary, launch of a business or a wedding day, all the guests at that event will take a moment to stop what they're doing and gather around a cake to mark a really special moment.

For that reason, a cake usually is a spectacular feature piece, especially at a wedding! But today, let's look in to something a little more unique in terms of a wedding cake. I'm sure you've come across many styles, whether it be a 3-tier wedding cake, marble glazed, gold foiled etc. But, have you ever seen Hanging Wedding Cakes from the ceiling or cake stand!?

Our friends at A Little Cake Place are the absolute geniuses who have mastered the hanging wedding cake. In fact, her very first one was designed for a Bride & Groom who won a $35,000 Wedding with the ABIA a few years back.

Since then, the owner Caitlin Mitchell made it her mission to design as many hanging cakes for her gorgeous couples. Let's take a look at the masterpieces this ABIA Award Winning Cake Designer has created below!

Gold Hanging Wedding Cake

How Does the Cake Hang?

After much research and testing, Caitlin discovered a way to a hang an upside down cake. The cake has its own internal support system made of stainless steel and each tier of the wedding cake is carried individually. Part of Caitlin's service, is to setup the cake on location to ensure it is ready for the grand reception entrance!

How Do You Cut a Hanging Cake?

Wedding couples can cut the cake like normal. If it is a small hanging cake, Caitlin will leave a step-by-step guide with the venue's function coordinator. The cake can easily be dismantled in the kitchen like any other cake before serving. If it is a larger hanging cake, Caitlin will return to the venue to assist with the dismantling.

Smaller Hanging Wedding Cake

White Hanging Wedding Cake

Geometric Hanging Wedding Cake

Colourful Hanging Wedding Cake

Hanging Wedding Cake Chandelier at Maleny Manor

Photograph provided by Luke Middlemiss Photography

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