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A Moment With ‘Nathan Cassar

ABIA meets Master of Ceremonies Nathan Cassar, one of Sydney’s premier wedding MCs.

Sydney Wedding MC Nathan Cassar

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Couples in search of a wedding reception that will be etched in the memories of guests are thrilled to meet Nathan Cassar, an experienced Master of Ceremonies (MC) based in Sydney, who specialises in crafting truly remarkable and unforgettable wedding celebrations.

Bringing his vibrant personality and more than a decade of experience to each event, Nathan has had the privilege of creating thousands of lasting memories throughout his career, and prides himself on having become the go-to choice for couples seeking a smooth and exceptional wedding reception, regardless of its size.

He set down his microphone for a moment to chat to ABIA about bringing wedding receptions to life with live entertainment and exceptional hosting.


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Tell us about your wedding hosting and MC entertainment services.

Unleashing the power of live entertainment and a flair for the extraordinary, I've established a solid reputation as an electrifying host, having worked as a Cruise Director for Princess Cruises and captivated audiences at numerous weddings.

My dynamic and energetic approach injects life into every wedding reception, leaving a lasting impression on guests. By prioritising excellence and adding a personalised touch, I tailor my wedding MC services to match the unique needs of each of my couples, and my unwavering commitment to perfection ensures that no detail is overlooked.

What makes your Master of Ceremonies service and wedding hosting unique?

I’m one of the few full-time MCs in Australia, specialising in weddings. Unlike many, who juggle multiple jobs outside the industry, I devote myself entirely to event and entertainment services, and what truly sets me apart is the seamless integration of passion, innovation, and heartfelt connections that define every aspect of what I do. I consider myself the driving force behind my business, pouring my heart and soul into creating unforgettable moments for every couple.

Hosting a wedding is not merely a transaction for me, it's an opportunity to make a profound impact during a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Witnessing the genuine happiness, contagious laughter, and radiant smiles that my MC work brings is the true reward for me and what gets me leaping out of bed each and every day.

In Sydney's wedding scene, I’m also proud to be recognised as a preferred MC by some of the region’s most notable venues.


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How did you get into live entertainment and hosting? And how did you get started in the wedding industry?

When I was just 14, I met a captivating Cruise Director on my very first cruise. They inspired my future career — hosting exhilarating and innovative game shows and live entertainment experiences, on the high seas for Princess Cruises, for thousands of guests seven days a week.

After the Covid-19 pandemic brought the cruise industry to a halt, I was the MC at my brother’s wedding and, inspired by the magic of that day, I made the decision to channel my passion and expertise into becoming a full-time professional MC. Within two weeks, I’d registered my business and launched my website and, to date, I’ve hosted almost 100 weddings.


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How would you describe the role of a professional Wedding MC?

A professional Wedding MC is the secret behind every seamless and extraordinary wedding reception.

A great MC is the voice, energy and vibe of a wedding, and their expertise extends far beyond pre-wedding administrative duties. They possess exceptional public speaking skills, often accompanied by a knack for comedy and an uncanny ability to establish genuine connections with the audience. They are masters of keeping a crowd entertained, engaged and captivated throughout the reception, whether through interactive games, well-timed jokes, or knowing when to turn up the heat, or bring the tempo down, to ensure it all feels just right.

Effective communication is also key, and a professional MC will smoothly collaborate with vendors and wedding professionals to ensure flawless execution and eliminate any potential hiccups or delays.  

What was one of the most ‘eventful’ weddings you’ve hosted?

One of my couples faced an unexpected turn of events due to severe weather conditions, including a power outage, flooding, and even the fire alarm going off. I drew upon my crisis management skills, and experience from my cruise ship days, to provide impromptu entertainment, keep guests informed, and ensure everyone remained engaged and well-cared for. Together, we smoothly navigated through the night, which culminated in a vibrant dance floor experience that guests still talk about.

Another, for which I crafted a one-of-a-kind entrance, is best described on video…


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What are your tips for keeping guests engaged and creating unforgettable wedding moments? 

As a professional Wedding MC, I offer a diverse range of exciting wedding games, carefully curated to add personality and playfulness to the day.

Some of the standout games I offer to host at every wedding include Marriage Match, The Ultimate Scavenger Showdown, Wedding Couple ‘True or False’ Trivia, The Shoe Game, ‘Structured’ Line Dancing and The Wedding Couple Photo Challenge.


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Why should couples choose you as the Master of Ceremonies for their wedding?

In the whirlwind journey of wedding planning, it's easy to overlook the significance of choosing the right Wedding MC. However, the impact of a skilled and experienced Master of Ceremonies can make the difference between a good wedding and a great one. Each wedding reception deserves an MC who can captivate guests, bring a couple’s vision to life, and create an energetic and lively atmosphere filled with laughter and love. With my dedicated passion for creating lasting memories, impeccable attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the art of hosting and live entertainment, I ensure each celebration is nothing short of extraordinary and will be talked about for years to come.


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