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Personalised Chocolates for Your Wedding Day!

We met with the owner of ABIA Award Winning Co.Couture Chocolates, Monica Pearson, to discuss all of our favourite things, Chocolates & Weddings! Spoil your wedding guests with the most creative personalised chocolates you'll ever see! 

Monica's advice is "Have a Balanced Diet, A Chocolate in each Hand".

Personalised Wedding Chocolates


A little bit about CoCouture Chocolates.

Monica began her chocolate career after learning from the very best Chocolatiers in Melbourne, it was a mothers day gift from her kids back in 2012! Bless 😇

"I love everything about chocolates, the endless creativity and how each and every chocolate is a small piece of art" said Monica.

Not only does Cocouture design personalised chocolates, their creative packaging plays an enormous part in the presentation. Monica works with her clients one-on-one to design unique chocolates which are colour coordinated to suit the wedding theme!

Having won the ABIA Award is a clear indication to the excellent level of service and product Cocouture Chocolates provide their clients. Read Monica's ABIA Customer Ratings & Reviews

Why are local ingredients so important to you?

"I want to support our hard working farmers and growers, I source my herbs from a local grower, I try to only buy Australian grown produce, I source dried fruits from South Australia, Nuts from the Sunshine Coast.

It's important and refreshing to hear the trials and tribulations of these farmers, you grow a real appreciation for the source of your produce.

They say you are what you eat. I only eat the best."

Rocky Road Chocolates in Brisbane


What are your Top 5 Wedding Favour Ideas?

Hand Painted Chocolates.

Individually hand painted chocolates with coloured cocoa butter. Available in a set of two, four or six. Each chocolate is personalised by shape, colour and filling. Yummo!

Geometric Wedding Chocolates


Chocolate Assortments.

Crystal clear boxes with an assortment of chocolates, meringues and chocolate hand piped hearts!

Wedding Favours Chocolates

Chocolate SmashBalls!

Mini Smash Balls, filled with sprinkles and sparkles and of course edible glitter

Smash Chocolate Balls

Edible Place Cards.

Direct your guests to their table with an edible place card. Directional cue & wedding favours all in one!

Julie Goodwin from Masterchef loves Cocouture Chocolates!

Julie Goodwin from Masterchef loves Cocouture Chocolates!


Chocolate Hearts

Hand written large hearts, either filled or hollow.

Heart Shape Chocolates Personalised


What’s included in your chocolate buffets?

The chocolate buffet is a fabulous way to have your guests interact and select what they like.The Buffet is calculated on guest numbers and contains a variety of different chocolates, filled individual chocolates (custom colour of course), shards of bark with sparkly edible glitter, freeze dried berries, caramel and dark chocolate pearls, nuts, really anything you want!

We also include a truck load well almost of hand made Rocky Road! Homemade marshmallow, oven roasted nuts and caramelized coconut all lavishly covered in your choice of dark milk or white Belgian Chocolate.

I will make, deliver, and setup your Chocolate Buffet for that wow factor ….a whole table full of chocolate! You will not be disappointed with a Chocolate Buffet .

Chocolate Buffet

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Contact Monica from Cocouture Chocolates directly via email or her website.


Chocolate Flowers

Colorful Geometric Chocolates​