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21 Rustic & Boho Wedding Cakes You Will Adore!

Rustic Naked Wedding Cake
Michelle the Cake Chef

Boho and Rustic Wedding Cakes are becoming a more popular option for wedding couples as they opt for more of a natural or subtle style of cake. You will find that rustic and boho cakes will often use neutral or warm tones, so they don't overpower the room. With more elegant barn, homestead and outdoor receptions, Rustic Weddings have become an international sensation for the last 5+ years, and are here to stay!

As Rustic & Country Weddings become widespread across Australia, there comes a plethora of amazing wedding cakes to suit too! There is no standard Rustic Wedding Cake, however you will notice subtle textures, natural colours and flowers throughout your inspiration below.

So, let's check out the 21 rustic wedding cake ideas which will complement your dream wedding day.

Autumn Pastels

Rustic Wedding Cake - Lyons Den Cakes
Cake by Lyons Den Cakes

Having a wedding between April and June? Use warm oranges, yellows and reds, and complement the cake with some rich flowers. Top that off with a metallic gold cake stand to add that extra bit of luxury.

Textured all the way!

Rustic Wedding Cake Sweet Art Creations
Cake by Sweet Art Creations

Something as subtle as adding a bit more texture, like that unfinished plaster look to a one-tone wedding cake, can be so effective. Especially with the addition of full wedding flowers.

Simple takes the cake!

Rustic Wedding Cakes
Cake by Cupcake Elegance

Small Rustic Cake - Peninsula Cake Art
Peninsula Cake Art
Rustic Wedding Cakes - There Must Be Cake
There Must Be Cake

Small and simple can still work for a rustic or boho wedding. You can always add a textured pattern, fleck or flowers as the little extras.

Painted Wedding Cakes

Boho Wedding Cakes Belle Bakes
Cake by Belle Bakes

Rustic Wedding Cakes Sugar Whip
Wedding Cake by Sugar Whip

This has become a really popular option in 2022, featuring at all sorts of weddings, especially the modern boho wedding. The beauty about the painted wedding cake, is that your option for colours are endless, which can tie into any colour palette you have for your wedding reception.

Native Flowers with a Dash of Paint

Rustic Wedding Cakes by Melbourne's Mad About Cakes
Cake by Mad About Cakes

Just loving the ink vibes, mixed with gold fleck and the native flower look! All the colours complement each other so well here!

Wild & Wonderful

Rustic Wedding Cakes Mad About Cakes
Cake by Mad About Cakes

Oh, this is giving us the enchanting feels. We are loving the incorporation of real natural elements from what you would find in a forest. This cake would fit in so well in an Australian Homestead or Modern Barn.

The Naked Cake

Brown Rustic Wedding Cakes Super Ego Cakes
Super Ego Cakes
Naked Wedding Cakes Cupcake Elegance
Naked Wedding Cake by Cupcake Elegance

Peninsula Cake Art
Peninsula Cake Art
Sweet Art Creations Rustic Wedding Cakes
Sweet Art Creations

Brown Sugar Cakes
Brown Sugar Cakes

Naked Wedding Cakes is when a majority of the frosting is removed and you can see the sponge cake peek through. Your options are endless with the naked wedding cake, whether that be showing more frosting, less frosting, fruit fillings, different colours, drizzling caramel, gold can have a lot of fun with it!

Enchanted Beauties

Rustic Wedding Cakes Rockhampton
Nicky Svensen Cakes (Rockhampton)
Rustic Wedding Cakes - Cake Salon
Cake Salon

Give your wedding cake wings! Elaborate textures can work for a rustic or boho wedding; your cake designer will work with you and your wedding theme, to ensure that the wedding cake doesn't look out of place.

Bold & Beautiful

Rustic Wedding Cakes Rockhampton Nicky Svensen
Nicky Svensen Cakes (Rockhampton)

Bold colours mixed with metallics can make for an interesting and for some reason a really delicioius looking cake! Even though this cake is only one tier, it still has that bold impact.

Pretty & Delicate

Boho Wedding Cake Zoe Clark Cakes
Boho by Zoe Clark Cakes

The mixture of lace and ribbon, with a neutral tone and wooden cake stand, can really add to an elegant and timeless boho wedding.

Boho Wedding CAkes by zoe clark
Boho Wedding Cake by Zoe Clark Cakes

Wedding Cakes are essentially art, and can often be an interesting piece of work, if you want it to be! Zoe Clark Cakes has designed a 3-tiered wedding cake, textured as bark in a pink colour. The sharp uneven tiers and delicate flowers will make for a very good talking point at one's wedding. Safe to say, we're in love!

Wooden Wedding Cake?

Rustic Wedding Cakes Melrose Cakes
Melrose Cakes (Newcastle)

This two tier tree-inspired cake has got to be one the cutest cake out there! As we have mentioned before, wedding cake is art and this is the perfect example that any idea is possible. Feel one with nature as you appreciate the beauty of a tree-inspired wedding cake!

Stone Modern

Peninsula Cake Art
Peninsula Cake Art

The beauty about this cake is its versatility. It could be featured at a rustic wedding or in a modern blank canvas reception room. The illusion of stone, mixed with tropical flora as a cake is frankly genius!

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