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Hang on, what? Hire an MC for my wedding?

Have you noticed a few trends showing up at some weddings you’ve been to recently? No, it’s not the Vintage glamour with a twist theme, or the big hanging floral centrepieces. More and more couples are breaking tradition by electing to hire a professional instead of a family member or friend to be their MC.

What’s with that? To most, the idea of hiring a random stranger to represent a bride and groom on the greatest day of their lives sounds somewhat unnecessary and to others a bit cheesy.

But when you think about it, breaking wedding tradition isn’t really a recent thing. I mean, you don’t have to dig too deep to see how far traditions have changed. There are a host of modern vs traditional bridal blogs supporting this. The scoop is, some traditions have stood the test of time while others have worn out their relevancy quicker than one can say “Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness”.

Traditionally it was the bride’s family who paid for most of the wedding and the registry was once just for housewares for the new home.  

What about the tradition of the bride and groom having to leave for their honeymoon immediately after their reception in a car decorated with rattling cans with the words “Just Married!” smeared over the windows? 

Nope, apparently it’s now in vogue to leave in a UberLUX.  Take that traditionalists.

And now, another long-standing tradition on the decline is that the wedding MC must be someone the wedding couple knows personally.

Wooah hold your horses!

Before you scream disapproval to the idea of scratching your besties name off the MC contract, let’s explore some of the most common reasons why electing a family member or friend to MC a wedding is still a legit idea.

  • It’s all but fitting to have someone loyal and familiar speaking on a couple’s behalf. That one dependable friend who’s been there right from the first date all the way to the wedding day.
  • Everyone must know an uncle or friend who doesn’t melt in the spotlight and can work a room. Someone known to the bride and groom who can be trusted not to kill the atmosphere or embarrass anyone.
  • There was one extra person who missed out in the bridal party so by having them as MC they could still be part of the wedding festivities. Score, no awkward vibes.   
  • A friend is a talented speaker, singer, or better still an event planner! A no brainer shoo-in and strategic appointment right there.  
  • Ouch the budget! Appointing a friend or family member the dutiful role of MC and scrapping the hired MC idea saves precious funds from the wedding kitty which could be spent towards something useful.
  • Deciding on a professional MC is one extra decision that’s not worth the effort and risk especially if it’s a low key and intimate wedding. 

Without question, planning a wedding involves countless key decisions which when can be exhausting. But make no mistake, appointing anyone the esteemed role of the wedding MC is one of these decisions that shouldn’t be considered lightly.

The wedding MC is more than just an entertaining person who is supposed make basic announcements from behind the podium.  

If you ask any established venue or wedding vendor on the value the MC they will vouch the MC is crucial to the make or break of a successful wedding.

That’s because contrary to what most couples believe. It’s not the venue’s requirement to steer the reception. Nor is it the band or the DJ. It’s the MC.

But how hard can it be being an MC?

The MC at any wedding (or any event in that matter) is more or less like the rudder to a very expensive Yacht. Just like a wedding dress, this ship will only be used once.

Think about it.

Imagine a ship coasting along with no one steering? No matter how gorgeous this ship looks on the water without someone steering it, that ship will go where ever it wants! Just look at the story of that Italian cruise ship that ran aground!

After all that hard work and money invested no one wants an out of control wedding ruining the day.

But how has a wedding celebration become so complicated? Has getting people to come together to enjoy themselves become that difficult?

It can be. This isn’t just a family and friends BBQ get together. It is the greatest day of a couple’s lives, complete with a lot of moving parts. Add in a few handfuls of emotions thrown in to boot.

The backbone of any memorable wedding reception evolves around the basics of the 3 F’s: FOOD, FORMAITIES and FESTIVITIES. Simple, right?

Now add in managing the on-site suppliers (venue staff / catering, photography, DJ services and entertainment), keeping invited guests entertained, working the room dynamics and being on top of random events and you can see how easy it is for even the most robust plans to veer off course and over time. 

A close friend or family member by all means will perform their MC duties as earnestly and with the best intentions as they can. However, sometimes even a well-meaning friend or family member won't have the best answers and experience to know what it truly takes to bring out the best of a wedding celebration especially when things don’t go to plan.

The secret is, there's no greater feeling than being RELAXED and STRESS FREE on your wedding day.

A successful reception isn’t a reception without problems (because there’s bound to be problems), it’s a reception which is handled by skilled people who are successful at managing those problems when they arise.

And the one person most fitting for managing any problems on the day is a professional MC. 

Unfortunately to some, the general opinion of a hired wedding MC include images of old crooners in stodgey suits singing lines from the Great American Songbook. Or some L-plater weekend comedian spilling off colour jokes about friends and family present.

But on the contrary, today’s professional wedding MC’s are an essential component for those couples who don’t just hope their wedding will go without a hitch, they demand it.

Some of these MC’s are trained event speakers and communicators who know how to use their unique talents and experience to deliver confidence and quality of service to every one of their couple on their wedding day.

When deciding on a professional wedding MC, here are some key factors you should be looking out for:

  • How long have they been in the industry?
  • Are they known and respected with wedding venues and suppliers?
  • Are they a preferred supplier at your venue? 
  • What awards or accreditations do they have?
  • Do they have a website with testimonials and videos?
  • What are their past couples saying about them online or on social media?
  • Are they approachable and sincere to speak with over the phone?
  • Do they beam that confidence that they will show up on time, well dressed, looking the part and ready to make a positive impact on the occasion?

The good news is. There is a perfect MC out there for everyone. The first step is to make an appointment and meet them in person. You’ll know after the initial meeting if they are aligned with who you are as a couple and how you want your day to be imagined.

And yes, with the countless key decisions which are needed to make your wedding a reality, the time and effort invested in deciding on your MC will be well worth it on the day.