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Impact AV

Professional Lighting & Audio for Your Event

At Impact AV Australia, we exceed expectations with our strong vision and exceptional services. We have successfully serviced over 15,000 weddings since its inception. Our niche service as a Lighting & Sound Specialist, offers incredible value to you as the wedding couple and the guests who attend your special day.

Below, you will find the different options you can hire with Impact AV to bring that extra x-factor to your Wedding Reception.

Lighting & Sound Hire in SydneyPhoto provided by Inlighten Photography

What type of lighting options does Impact AV offer?

LED Lighting

LED lights use much less electricity than regular incandescent lightbulbs. They can be wireless, which makes them even more discreet. LED are great for color changes and vibrant hues.

Lighting Hire for Weddings in Sydney Impact AV

Moving Lighting

Moving Lighting has the ability to change colors and patterns. It has a wide range of mobility options, such as circular, pan, and tilt.

Color wash Lighting

Basically a blanket of colored light covering an entire area to create a mood or change the look of built-in-décor.

Mood Lighting at a Wedding Sydney


Impact AV create circular stencils that are put over a light to project a design or pattern onto a wall, celling or floor. Monograms, dates and wedding motifs are popular gobo designs.


Static Lighting

Static lighting for the bridal party table on stage during the reception. Another service we provide is a static Roof wash for the room to accentuate the theme for the evening and provide the room with a bit of ambiance.


Bridal Table Lighting Sydney Impact AV


Dance floor Lighting

Dance floor lighting for bride and groom waltz, speeches, and general dancing during the evening.

Dance Floor Lighting Impact AV​


When & where do you use the lighting, indoor Ceremonies or just Reception?

Mainly we use lights for Wedding Receptions as they tend to happen later in the evening when the lights are more visible. We use lights from the ceiling, dance floor and especially with the bridal table to highlight centerpieces or theme!

Roofwash Lighting with Impact AV


What audio services does Impact AV offer?

Impact AV offers PA Speaker Packages, complete Audio Visual Packages, Audio Records, Microphones etc.


What additional unique or hire services does Impact AV offer?

Impact AV offer various kind of vision equipment, including a Screen & Projector package. We also offer Web Streaming Services for couples who want to include their loved ones who reside overseas.


What is included in the service leading up to the wedding?

Our coordinator liaises with you and your partner, as well as your chosen wedding stylist to discuss various AV options, colors themes and also the client can schedule a demo with us prior to their wedding day to ensure they are confident with their choices.


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