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Sydney's Undeniably Loved Singing Drag Queen

Kara Zmatiq - full of excitement & class! 


If you're looking for a live wedding singer or performer who will make sure your guests never forget your day, look no further!

Kara Zmatiq (pronounced Charismatic) is a live singing drag queen for weddings and events, offering show-stopping entertainment that can be completely tailored to your big day. Kara Zmatiq also offers services as a drag celebrant if you want to put a completely unique, glamourous spin on your celebrations.

Read our Q&A with Kara Zmatiq below to hear how Kara tailors drag shows for weddings, and be sure to watch her incredible promo video below!


Wedding Drag Queen Singer NSW Kara Zmatiq

Tell us more about Kara Zmatiq, the singing drag queen!

Popular, respected live singing drag queen, Kara Zmatiq, as seen on Australia's Got Talent is a fantastic addition to Australian weddings, providing guests with fabulous entertainment where the happy couple can choose their songs and tailor a unique, memorable experience for their first dance and wedding guests.

There is no way your guests will forget the glitz and glamour of your wedding, not with Kara Zmatiq providing incredible live singing, dancing and interactive drag entertainment.


What locations do you service?



Wedding Drag Queen Singer NSW Kara Zmatiq


What do you love about weddings?

There is nothing I love more than celebrating the romance of the happy couple as they share their first dance together. Singing as they embrace each other on the dancefloor for their first dance, adding to the romance and sharing in this happy and love-filled occasion at receptions and weddings, is one of the most joyous moments I love at weddings every time.

I also enjoy bringing drag entertainment to same-sex weddings and mixed-sex weddings especially for audiences of all ages including children, who have an open mind and simply embrace what I do as a live singing entertainer and drag queen performer.


Wedding Drag Queen Singer NSW Kara Zmatiq


What's your role at weddings and what makes you different?


What sets me apart as a singing drag queen, is every part of the performance is tailored by the happy couple months in advance of their wedding day or evening. I take the time to ask the couple what songs they want performed, whether their reception has a theme so that the songs I perform are exactly what they want for their special day as well as tailor my costumes to suit their event theme.

I also give the happy couple the option to have me sing their first dance. I will learn every song off-by-heart and add my own creative and artistic flair to the songs I perform, providing a unique performance experience for the happy couple and their guests. In the lead up the event, I also ask the happy couple for a guest list and seating chart, so that during the performance, I can (if the couple request this) take the time to 'pick on' their new-to-be in-laws and other guests throughout my performance, to bring some additional humour to their wedding reception.

On some occasions, I have also had the opportunity to sing with a live band that the couple has booked for their wedding, taking the time to meet with the band and make sure that the songs I have been asked to perform by the couple are ready for the day.


Wedding Drag Queen Singer NSW Kara Zmatiq


What's your advice to couples planning a wedding?


Couples who are looking to book me for their wedding, I ask to know their reception theme and the songs they want to have performed. The earlier they come back to me with their song requests, the more time I have to prepare and plan the performance of each song. It is very important for the couple to let me know the song they want me to sing for their first dance, so I can absolutely make sure that when I perform this song it is memorable and celebrates their love.

Any special requests or costuming requests need to be discussed no less than 2-3 months before the wedding (so I have time to make them or arrange with my costume team). It is also important to make sure song requests are provided to me in advance, so I can find the music or have time to rehearse with a live band (if this is requested or provided by the couple).


Wedding Drag Queen Singer NSW Kara Zmatiq


What was your favourite wedding?


My favourite wedding has been when the happy same-sex couple asked me to sing their first dance which was also their in-laws favourite song who passed away only a few weeks prior to their wedding. This was a very touching moment for me as well as for the happy couple and their guests. I also really enjoyed when the smaller kids came up to me and wanted to hug me and get photographs with me, it was so lovely to be embraced by all ages young and old.




So if you think a wedding drag show or dragqueen celebrant could add some sparkle to your big day, don't hesitate to get in contact with Kara Zmatiq to enquire about drag queen entertainment for weddings.