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A Moment With 'The Colourful Celebrant'

ABIA popped on our party shirts for a fun, memorable meet up with flamboyant, Newcastle-based celebrant, Brad Vincent.


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Growing up, Brad Vincent, wanted to be a Rockstar. For 10 years he played in bands, toured the country and wrote music. Then, when it was time for a career change, he discovered celebrancy. And he’s never looked back.

“I feel like I should've been a celebrant a long time ago,” he enthusiastically admits now.

The role allows him to perform, share his colourful personality and host wedding ceremonies that couples and their guests proclaim “unforgettable”.

ABIA caught up with the talented performer between gigs to chat wedding vows, tequila shots and ceremonies that truly stand out.



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Tell us about your wedding celebrant services?

I aim to conduct super-fun, engaging, personalised and unapologetically-awesome wedding ceremonies — the best your guests have ever attended! Think party shirts, pre-ceremony selfies with guests and possibly even tequila shots!

Where are you based, and what locations do you service?

I’m based in Newcastle, however I service all of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria for party rockers and couples who want to have some fun on their wedding day with me alongside them for the ride.

What, or who, made you decide to become a celebrant?

I was bouncing around ideas for a career change, and rehearsing a setlist for my best friend’s wedding, when a friend of my grandparents asked me for a business card. They were a celebrant and wanted to recommend me to couples looking for a musician. We got chatting, and within the week I’d registered to start my celebrant studies!


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Did you grow-up wanting to be a celebrant? How do you think your childhood may have shaped your career path?

My childhood and teenage years consisted mainly of learning how to play music, listening to music and performing music. I always found myself performing in front of people and I wanted to be a Rockstar — I think being a celebrant is a bit of both!

You hear lots of wedding vows, do you have any advice for couples writing their own?

Don't use Google, Pinterest, Tumblr or a reel of someone else reading their vows that’s been trending — make them your own.


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Image Third Wheelin Co

What makes a memorable wedding ceremony?

Honestly, every ceremony is so different — from the introduction, to the couples' story, to the witnesses they choose — I think those personal choices are what truly makes a ceremony memorable.

What are the main things you’d suggest couples need to consider when planning a wedding?

If they've got a budget, prioritise. Prioritise what is important and the vendors they want, then work the rest around it.


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At what point in their planning should couples choose a wedding celebrant? How far in advance should they book?

Don’t snooze is my advice!

Why should couples choose you, specifically, as their celebrant or MC?

At most weddings I host, at least one guest will ask the couple, “How long have you known Brad?”, another will ask, “Which side of the family is Brad from?” and at least one will announce, “That’s the best wedding ceremony I’ve ever attended!” — I leave an impression!


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