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A Moment With ‘Aurora + Co Events

ABIA stops to smell the faux flowers with, Brisbane-based wedding hire specialist, stylist and floristry designer, Anna Vitikainen.


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Anna Vitikainen was just an eight-year-old when she knew she wanted to be a florist one day. A few years later, and a couple of career stops along the way, she began Aurora + Co Events and these days, as Managing Director of the Brisbane-based event hire and styling service, she works with faux flowers every day.

“We specialise in unique statement pieces and faux flower arrangements,” she explains. “They always look amazing, whatever the weather!”

Anna took time out of her busy schedule to talk wedding hire, styling and the delights of ‘life-like’ faux flowers with ABIA.

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Image Smile Darling Photography

Tell us about your wedding hire and decorating services.

Aurora + Co Events is a boutique event hire and styling company based in Brisbane. We specialise in unique statement pieces and custom faux flower arrangements for all types of events. We have a wide range of backdrops, arbours, plinths and other stunning event hire pieces. Our faux flower arrangements — for arbours, table arrangements and room styling — are custom-designed to suit each wedding’s theme and colour scheme.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I started working in events in 2012 and moved into the wedding industry in 2015 when I was employed by a wedding styling company. I worked at a couple of wedding venues too, and established Aurora + Co Events in late 2020.


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Where are you based and what locations do you service?

We are based in Brisbane and service Brisbane, Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba.

What items do you offer for hire? And which are your most popular?

We offer a huge array of backdrops, arbours, plinths, signage, wishing wells, candles, table numbers and assorted statement pieces and decorative items. We also hire faux flower pieces, which are individually designed for each wedding. Our wedding arbours and backdrops, plinths and faux flower packages are very popular.


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Do you offer packages? What do they include?

Most of our packages are tailored to suit each client and event, but we do have some ready-made packages that include a backdrop, signage and faux flowers.

Why do you suggest couples opt for faux flower arrangements?

We use only high-quality ‘real touch’ faux flowers, which look very realistic. They are definitely a more cost-effective way to create wow factor. They’re also so much easier — couples don't have to worry about what is in season or what colours are available, and faux flowers will always look amazing, even in the hottest Queensland weather. In addition, they’re also environmentally-friendly as they can be reused again.


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What advice do you have for couples when it comes to choosing a decorating theme?

Don’t worry about ‘trends’ too much. Go with what you love.

Have you always loved to decorate?

Yes! I knew I wanted to become a florist when I was around eight years old! I ended up doing event planning first, but have gradually moved to styling, decorating and faux flower arranging.

Where do you turn for decorating inspiration and ideas?

My inspiration and ideas come from everywhere,  but I do love scrolling through Pinterest to see what they are doing in America and Europe.


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What trends and looks are you seeing in flowers and decorating at the moment?

It’s fashionable for couples to include lots of bright colours and minimal greenery at the moment, which is a look I love! And plinths have been the most popular ceremony arbour option for a while now.

If a couple gave you ‘free reign’ to decorate their wedding, what would you do?

I'd really like to do a grounded flower arch for the ceremony, as I haven't made one yet but love how they look. I would also love to use some fun colours that I haven't had the chance to include before, and style a huge statement backdrop for the reception. I always love trying new things!


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What are the key decorating elements you think every wedding needs?

I'd say arbour styling, entryway styling, table centrepieces and some sort of statement piece at the reception — it could be a head-table backdrop, a photo backdrop or a cake station set up.

What makes your service unique?

We’re a one-stop-shop, with faux flowers, event hire items and decor services all available from the same place. Our fully-customised faux flower arrangements also set us apart — they are one-of-a-kind, not ready-made standard pieces.

Do you have a favourite wedding?

I have lots of favourite weddings, but my favourite colour scheme is black and white, so it would have to be one of our black and white weddings. I also love seeing the results of weddings that have been planned for many months, even over a year — we get to create a relationship with the couple during the planning process, and it’s amazing to see it all finally come together!


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