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Masterpieces Photography + Video

Masterpieces Photography + Video are a Brisbane based wedding photographer that specialises in the art of aerial imagery!

We spoke with Dave Wall from Masterpieces Photography + Video to learn all about the art of Dronography and why you should consider Dronography for your wedding!

Wedding Photographer - Masterpieces Photography + Video

Tell us a little about Masterpieces Photography.

Masterpieces Photography + Video was created in New Zealand in 2003 to showcase the imagery of our principle creative Dave Wall.

We relocated to South East Queensland in 2006 and since then we’ve been creating imagery across a number of photographic genres such as dance and the performing arts, event and commercial photography. But most people would know us for our award-winning wedding photography and, since 2008, our wedding videography.

Wedding Photography - Masterpieces Photography + Video

How many wedding couples have you serviced?

Over 550 couples across the world.

Masterpieces Photography + Video - Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Why should a couple book a professional Wedding Dronographer?

Dronography, like all image-making, is a fusion of science and art, but also one that has some pretty serious safety implications and plenty of regulations.

Understanding all of that, but still being able to capture beautiful cinematic imagery, is a skill that requires significant practice and investment and that’s why it’s always best to hire a pro.

Brisbane Wedding Photography - Masterpieces Photography + Video

What is the difference between Wedding Dronography and Wedding Videography?

We’re not big fans of the term dronography - we actually prefer the term aerial imagery because it says more about what we can do. Drones don’t just shoot video – they also shoot incredible still images and can do so from angles we just can’t usually get on a wedding day.

So when we are shooting stills we can still use a drone to get a shot we wouldn’t normally be able to and when we are shooting video it is an integral part of the cinematic footage we capture, but wedding videos can exist without drones (though they are usually improved by them).

Of course, sometimes it isn’t possible to actually fly a drone (usually because of safety concerns), but in those circumstances, we have 360 cameras we can mount on 3-5m poles that give almost identical results. So hence why aerial imagery is a much better term to describe this facet of our business.

Brisbane Wedding Video - Masterpieces Photography + Video

How did you get into using drones?

Our principle Dave had lots of experience capturing aerial imagery during his time in the military and has always understood the value of airborne cameras. As soon as drone technology was capable of capturing high-quality cinematic video footage (and high-quality stills), we invested in one capable of doing the work we wanted it to do.

Brisbane Wedding Photography - Masterpieces Photography + Video

What tips would you give to engaged couples when looking for Wedding Dronography?


  • Check for any restrictions that may exist:
  • How close are you to fixed or rotary-wing operating sites? (you’ll be amazed at how many there actually are in your local area)
  • Are there any local bylaws or rules that prevent drone flying? (trust me, there are lots of places introducing them)
  • What is the weather likely to be – drones are pretty much limited to fine weather and light winds, so some locations are going to limit your chances of flying.
  • Are there areas around the venue that will suit cinematic drone flying? 
  • Do I want to spend the time it takes to get great drone footage?

Wedding Dronography - Masterpieces Photography

What is your favourite type of locations to shoot at?

Places that create great cinematic footage – like vineyards, deserted beaches, isolated cliff-tops and waterfalls. Patterns (like those created by shadows) also look great from the air.

Wedding Videography - Masterpieces Photography

What advice would you give Engaged Couples planning their wedding day?

Talk to the independent professionals (photographer, videographer, make-up and hair) early on in the planning process! They are an absolute fountain of knowledge and will be able to help steer your planning.

Wedding Dronography - Masterpieces Photography

What is your point of difference?

Our passion! We love what we do and it’s all that we do. We’ve been doing it for a long time and we are very good at it too!

Wedding Dronography - Masterpieces Photography + Video

Why did you choose to capture weddings?

Weddings are pretty much the ultimate photographic challenge – you mix landscape art with portraiture and then throw in the added challenge of action photography and the time-sensitive nature of sports photography and you’ve got wedding photography. And we love a challenge!

Wedding Dronography - Masterpieces Photography + Video

What is your favourite thing about being a Wedding Dronographer?

Aerial photographer/cinematographer, please! I think I may have been a bird in a past life - the world looks very different, and very beautiful, from up there!

Wedding Dronography - Masterpieces Photography + Video

What was your favourite wedding and why? 

Other than our own you mean? We try not to play favourites and prefer to say that our next wedding is our favourite, but, if you pushed us, there was a weekend we spent out on the Barrier Reef on Heron Island a couple of years ago for an elopement that would be right up there…

Wedding Dronography - Masterpieces Photography + Video

Do you offer other services?

Yes, we offer a full gamut of photography & video services. In any given week you might find us shooting at a concert, photographing corporate headshots in the studio, filming a training video on location, a 360 walkthrough of an art gallery, as well as a wedding or two.

We love variety and that helps drive our passion and helps us keep seeing things in new ways.

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