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A Moment With 'Studio 42 Photography'

ABIA meets talented photographer, and self-confessed romantic, Anais Coker of this Brisbane wedding photography studio 


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When Anais Coker first picked up a camera at the age of 12 it was to take photos of her mother, but her childhood interest soon turned to a passion and eventually to a dream job combining her photographic skill with her fascination for love stories.

“I am a romantic at heart,” Anais admits. “I have always enjoyed romance novels and grand love stories.”

It shows in her wedding photos, which focus on storytelling, inspired by cinematic rom-coms and movies, and it will carry through to the content creation and video documentation packages that Studio 42 Photography is poised to introduce.

ABIA slipped behind the shutter with Anais to chat photographic narratives, wedding packages and how she’s merging new trends with her touch of old-fashioned romance.


Tell us about your business and wedding photography services.

I strive to capture candid and raw moments, in a way that feels cinematic and timeless. For me, wedding photography isn’t just about documenting the big day — it's about preserving the emotions and the essence of a love story.

I take pride in going beyond traditional wedding photography by capturing every detail, every glance, every heartfelt exchange with the same attention to detail as a feature film, and aim to create a timeless masterpiece, filled with moments of love, joy and raw emotions to be cherished for a lifetime and by future generations.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I am a romantic at heart. I grew up with the best romantic comedies and movies from the 1990s and watching real weddings on YouTube was my "feel good" hobby. I have always enjoyed romance novels and grand love stories, and when I started to capture couples that side of me was really unleashed — it allowed me to capture love stories in the same way as the romantic movies that I grew up watching. Once I did my first wedding, I knew there was no turning back.



Where are you based and what locations do you service?

I’m based in Brisbane and service the region from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, but I'm always ready to travel anywhere in Australia, or around the world.

What got you interested in photography?

My mother was always taking videos and photos of my siblings and I when we were kids and made sure she captured every milestone, every moment of joy, every fun time, holiday and family event. When I was 12, after a particularly fun-filled summer, I realised she wasn’t in any of the photographs and was upset by the idea that she didn’t exist in the memories she’d created and planned for us. It broke my heart and I made it my mission to ensure she was always in the photographs from then on. From the moment I picked up my Mum’s Nikon DSLR I never looked back. I started capturing my family, then extended family and friends, and finally I was brave enough to start my photography business and live my dream life doing my dream job.



Where do you get your creative inspiration?

I take my inspiration from the grand love stories found in movies, especially those of the 1990s and early 2000s. I’ve studied how they work with light, colour, poses and movement and always try to incorporate that cinematic feeling into my couple's photos, without interfering with their uniqueness or vision.

I prepare for every wedding by understanding the vision of the couple, their personality and vibe. Once I understand the core of their love story, I get inspired by the location of their wedding as well as the theme they choose.

What are the latest trends you’re seeing in wedding photography and how do you cater for them?

Lately, there's a big trend toward content creation coverage. Social media has become such an important part of our daily lives, and couples now want high-quality content, that’s easy to share and has a quick turn-around time.    

From 2025 I am going to offer two new services to keep up with this trend, a Content Creation Package and Video Documentary Coverage — which will differ slightly from traditional videography packages by including more raw and candid video footage and well wishes from guests. Both packages will be available by themselves or bundled with my photography packages.


What packages do you offer? And what are the inclusions?

We currently offer three different packages ranging from ‘Simplicity’, which captures bridal preparations, the ceremony and family and couple portraits, through to ‘Timeless’ which captures the wedding day from start to finish, and also includes a wedding highlight video. Complimentary engagement sessions are included with all packages too, and from 2025 we’ll be introducing Content Creation and Video Documentary Coverage.  

What was the most interesting wedding you’ve ever photographed?

I had one beautiful couple who wanted to integrate both of their cultures and traditions. Marty was Australian and Daniela was from Colombia, so their reception was a ‘carnival’ filled with colour, dancing and drummers. It was the craziest fun time.


What are your favourite photographic locations?

I personally love anything that has a timeless feel with a bit of a period touch, but I like any location with good lighting.

And what do you do when it rains?

I always try to visit a location in advance and make plans for bad weather but, as much as possible, I capture the day as the couple planned it. And, if there really are no other options, I’ll always offer to retake the couple portraits another day.

What do you suggest couples look for in a wedding photographer?      

A couple is going to spend more time with their photographer than anyone else on their wedding day, as they’ll be following them around making sure not to miss a thing. So, it's important to get along with a photographer. This is the reason I include an engagement session with each package, as it's a great way to get to know each other, learn how a couple acts in front of a camera, and show them how I work and how my photos will look.

I recommend all couples book their photographer as soon as they book their venue. This ensures the photographer they want is available for the wedding day. Plus, it allows time for an early engagement shoot, and it's always nice to use engagement photos for save-the-dates or other wedding stationery.


What makes your service unique?

As a photographer I strive to encapsulate the raw beauty and authenticity of weddings through my lens. My approach is rooted in a passion for storytelling, seeking out narratives and the emotions that unfold naturally, rather than relying on staged and posed portraits. My team continues this approach so that it carries through every service we offer, including content creation and video documentation.

How would you describe the couples you connect with the most?

I connect with couples that are unapologetically themselves. They’re the ones that create the wedding of their dreams, big or small, fancy or simple. The ones who understand and choose my style of storytelling and documenting — people who share my passion for good stories.


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