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In the city famous for its wine, Travis and Benny met over a bottle of red and fell madly in love with each others passion for the wedding photography world. So much so, that they combined forces with the sole mission to create the best wedding photography service Adelaide had ever seen.

The two established Adelaide wedding photographers formed Travis and Benny Weddings in June 2018.

Describe your shooting style?

Our shooting style is candid for sure. We absolutely do some 'posing' but it's very lose and allows for the couple to take it and make it their own.

Our personal aim is to get that 'hero shot' of the day where both humans are looking into each-others eyes, or even just sharing a moment that only happened for a second.

Do both Travis and Benny photograph the same wedding?

Our team is made up of three humans, Travis/Benny/Aimee - we are all photographers and we all shoot separately.

We all edit the same with the same presets and feeling, of course the conditions of the day will alter the final out come of the photo. We find this works best since we can do multiple weddings on a day while keeping the same attention to detail and service.

Your Wedding Day Mission?

Find out what the couple want, and do that!

Do you recommend an engagement shoot?

An engagement shoot is always nice to do, it loosens everyone up plus it does give us a chance to hang out prior to the weddings day, it also gives you some photos to use for the invites/save the dates... or even just your display photo on Facebook.

ABIA Reviews

"We had an extremely pleasant and authentic experience with Ben for our wedding. From start to finish everything went smoothly and to have someone we could laugh (and cry) in front of, and even have our guests compliment we couldn't have asked for much more. The day was captured perfectly through the photos we've received so we can't wait to print them out!"

Wedding ID: 454128

"On our day, Travis was an absolute superstar! He was so into his job and his work but he was so aware of us and how we were feeling. He engaged with both the groomsmen and bridesmaids and honestly if anything, he had us all laughing at least every 5 minutes! We were so comfortable. And as for the photos - my god they were what we had hoped for and MORE. They were so stunning they made my now husband cry - we have been together for over seven years and I can only count on one hand how many times he has cried... we were amazed with the photos and theyre quality and how NATURAL they were. To sum up, Travis made the best day of our lives even better."

Wedding ID: 455176

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