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Traversing across the world to showcase one's talents is on everyone's life itinerary, especially for the cake-decorating students of the award-winning Merviale Cakes & Crafts

London's awe-inspiring Alexandra Palace was the perfect setting to welcome cake enthusiasts  from all around the globe to gather at the world's largest International Cake Decorating Competition, where people gazed at the complexities of never-ending sweet cakes! What a dream!! 

If you think travelling 24+ hours to the other side of the world is a challenge, imagine flying pre-made cakes from Brisbane to Manchester, then down the windy roads to London without a hitch! Well, this is exactly what the students achieved with flying sugary-colours! Each masterpiece cake was designed, created and securely packed in Australia, down to each fragile  cake decoration - we just can't imagine! 


Merivale Cakes & Crafts - Wedding Cake Collection


As for the results of the largest cake-decorating competition? Australia were our shining cake-stars, capturing the attention of the judges by winning '5' places in the International Category (see results below). It gets better for us Aussies, because our 2017 ABIA National Award-Winning A Little Cake Place took out the Bronze award in her first-ever entry in the international wedding cake category! What a rising cake-star!  


But, we can't forget the hands behind the logistics of this cake affair! The wonderful delegates on tour which assisted the students transport + deliver these now-award winning cakes, was the splendiferous Madonna & Brad of Elegant Weddings & Event Hire (ABIA 2017 State Finalists) - Madonna explained “I have a new appreciation for the skill involved in not only decorating cakes but specifically in the packaging required to carry delicately decorated sugar-art from location to location.  These decorators travel half way around the world to competitions and they need to be commended for their skill, courage and particularly for their packaging know-how that allows their exhibits to arrive without breakages”

Now, we can't forget about Cake's friends, such as Chocolates, Cookies, Pastries and all things sweet and baking-glorious! Hence, these gifted wanderers continued their 25-day European vacation by meeting with some of Europe's most acclaimed  sweet kingdoms, like the world-famous Slattery’s Chocolate School (Manchester), The Cake Boy & Biscuiteers (London), private lessons with a Parisian pastry chef, Venice and Rome for a master pasta class! Safe to say, this tour which consisted of air travel, high-speed trains, private coaches and lots of foot-work would have been the sweetest 40,000km ever-travelled! 

The chief-organisers of this tour Mary Reid & Cheryl Stance of Merivale Cakes said “as their fifth and final student international cake tour we are thrilled with the performance and outcomes of the students, and also that the tour ran so smoothly.  Safety was our first priority.  Every aspect of the 25 day tour ran without any difficulty, to schedule and with glorious early-summer European weather.   This certainly was the perfect finish to our student international cake-tour journey which we started in 2008!”

Now, we think it's time we go and eat something reading this. 

2017 National Award Winning Wedding Cake Designer - A Little Cake Place

Awarded Cake Contestants at International Cake Decorating Competition

  • Brown – Gold Award (Nell’s Cake Barn, Highfields)
  • Jodi Sibley – Silver Award (SO Cake Studio, Highfields)
  • Miranda Sutrin – Silver Award (Sweet Az Cake, Withcott)
  • Robyn Bargh – Bronze Award (Little Cake Lane, Mt Molar)
  • Ann Shepherd – Bronze Award (Dalby)