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Beach Wedding Theme Ideas

If you're a beach lover like many of us Aussies are, perhaps you have contemplated having a sunset beach wedding?

Or, maybe you have decided on a beach wedding venue and are ready to start planning your wedding theme? Well, you have seriously landed on the right page, because the following theme, you will absolutely fall in love with.

We caught up with Christina, the owner of Superb Event Styling to discuss all things beach wedding themes! Christina and various wedding vendors came together to design the most gorgeous beach wedding theme in Sydney.

Beach Wedding Theme


What do you love about a Beach Wedding?

When your wedding venue is on the beach, a lot of the theme is already done!

You can decorate a banquet venue with the most beautiful flowers and amazing décor, but even the most phenomenally decorated venue will not compare to a perfect sunset on the beach.

If you're looking to get married and celebrate your wedding on a beach, even a couple that is on a budget can have their dream wedding without the price tag.



Colour palette for a Beach Wedding Theme?

Christina recommended greens, golds and a splash of orange.

The greens were to manifest the tropical perception, however the soft golds and oranges can really harmonise with the soft sands and the bold colours of the sunset.

However, a cool colour palette that reflects the ocean’s many shades is always a good choice for a beach reception, any colours which are congruous with your wedding backdrop, i.e. nature's best gift, the beach & ocean!


Beach Wedding Place Setting


Furniture tips for a Beach Wedding?

If you still want to exhibit the idea that your guests are attending a wedding, then you definitely want to add some wedding-like elements.

Superb Event Styling would recommend elegant cushioned chairs to help give your wedding ceremony a classic, polished look.

For the wedding reception, long tables that feature blue linen and lot of greenery will execute an elegant but fun look.


Beach Wedding Cake Ideas



What would you recommend for Table Decor?

The highlight of this recent setup were the beautiful floral centrepieces by Flower Hour Florist.

They effortlessly executed the theme, colour palette, and overall décor of the wedding.

The centrepieces are nice and tall, which made an easy decorative impact on the guest tables. When the centrepieces sit high, guests can still see each other & chat, but the visual impact is still strong.


Beach Wedding Table Decor and Settings


Any other Beached Themed Wedding Decor you would recommend?

Beach wedding receptions are a great time to use flameless candles that closely mimic the look of traditional candles.

They won’t be affected by wind, they don’t require electricity, and they last for hours, unlike many small tealight candles.

Beach Wedding Signage and Invitations


What are your recommended Beach Wedding Venues?

This Beach Wedding Theme was located at , Zimzala which boasts panoramic views of the ocean, and is totally ideal for those seeking a wedding venue with a spectacular atmosphere.


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