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The Best 9 Wedding Photographers of Adelaide

As rated, reviewed, and recommended by the real wedding couples of Adelaide & South Australia.

Planning a wedding can often be overwhelming, as there is so much to consider and book. Wedding Photographers are generally one of the first 5 wedding services a couple will book. Why? Wedding Photos are a big deal, as they offer lasting memories, which can be passed on to generation after generation!

Adelaide wedding photographer travis and benny
Travis & Benny Weddings


How to Find the Right Wedding Photographer?

If you're wanting to put your trust in a photographer that guarantees to capture important moments like your first look, first kiss, first dance, family moments, wedding party moments, then definitely consider investing in a wedding photographer that is esteemed in the wedding industry AND recommended by real wedding couples.

Some other points to research when narrowing down your photographer:


Have a little think about the type of style that is suited to you. Are you drawn to wedding photography that is natural, focuses on landscapes, photojournalistic, vintage, editorial etc. The best place to find a photographer's style is their website and social media.


Everyone loves positive energy, and that's the only energy a photographer should ever bring. To get an idea of your vendor's personality, check out video content or bio on their website or social media. Another great way to gain an idea of personality is by reading multiple reviews from recently married couples across a period of time, reviews are everything!


Has your photographer shot a wedding at your venue or area, do they travel to the area and is there a travel fee?

Photo ideas

If you have some ideas you really want to be captured, discuss this with a photographer before booking them and paying a deposit.


Adelaide Wedding Photographer Mitcha Photography
Mitcha Photography


Why trust this list of Top Wedding Photographers?

It wasn't ABIA that searched for the "prettiest" wedding photos or the photographer that has the most Instagram followers, then decided to write about the top wedding photographers based on these points. This credible list of Adelaide's Best Wedding Photographers is solely based on the reputable feedback and reviews provided by real married couples who said I Do in the last 12 months.

Each recently married couple took the time to rate & review their wedding photographer out of 100% for the:

  • Quality of Wedding Photography
  • Quality of Service & Communication
  • Attitude & Friendliness of Staff
  • Overall Value

If you're one that loves reading reviews, then click any of your favourite photographers below to unlock ALL of their customer recommendations & reviews.

Adelaide is a close-knit community of amazing creatives (they are the capital of the Fringe Festival after all!) that are genuinely passionate about weddings, if you have chosen South Australia as your Wedding Destination, you are bound to have the most wonderful experience when in the hands of credible wedding professionals like the below.



#1 - Travis & Benny Weddings

Travis & Benny Weddings Photography AdelaideAdelaide Wedding Photographer Travis and Benny
Adelaide Wedding Photographer Travis & BennyAdelaide Wedding Photographer Travis & Benny

ABIA Customer Rating 99.93% // 200+ Customer Reviews with ABIA

Travis & Benny are best mates, and the co-business owners of this multi-award winning wedding photography brand in Adelaide. They are relaxed, talented and well-known for their fun & happy nature! Not only does this duo offer majestic photography, but they are also prompt in communication and will often become a friend of yours after the wedding!

Shooting Style = candid for sure! They admit they do some 'posing' but it's very loose and allows for the couple to take it and make it their own.

For each wedding, Travis & Benny's personal aim is to get that 'hero shot' of the day where both humans are looking into each other's eyes, or even just sharing a moment that only happened for a second.

Travis & Benny Weddings' Reviews.

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Adelaide Wedding Photography Mitcha Photography
Adelaide Wedding Photographer Travis & Benny
Adelaide Wedding Photography Mitcha Photography
Adelaide Wedding Photography Mitcha Photography
The goal for this wonderful Adelaide Wedding Photographer is to create memories that will last forever, to give you a comfortable, relaxed environment that creates incredibile memories together. Mticha Photography has the most beautiful and colourful portfolio of wedding photography, making the viewer want to attend every single one of their weddings!

Their wedding photography packages start from a simple 5-hour package INCLUDING high-resolution shots.

Mitcha Photography's Customer Reviews.
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Adelaide Wedding Photographer Glenn AldersonAdelaide Wedding PHotographer Glenn AldersonAdelaide Wedding Photography Glenn Anderson

With a natural inclination to storytelling, Glenn has been shooting Adelaide Weddings for 11 years and is part of the new breed of wedding photographer concerned with the ultimate experience of the day, capturing peoples natural beauty in a fun and relaxing manner, producing images for people of which they can be proud to hang as Fine Art. With his extensive experience, kind nature and great industry connections, you will be supported by a wedding photographer that is well-equipment for any moment!

Read Glenn Alderson Photography's Customer Reviews.
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Husband & wife duo, Kieren and Michelle, founded Rexvil Photography in 2016 to express their shared passion for Adelaide Wedding Photography. Their photo-journalistic and candid style feels sentimental and nostalgic, as they strive to portray their couples in the most authentic light possible.

As proud South Australians, you can find this dynamic couple capturing the most beautiful wedding moments right across the state. From initial catch-ups and check-ins to proper scheduling, Rexvil Photography has everything under control and are willing to talk whenever you need before, during, and after your wedding day. Be sure to check out more of their stunning photos in their ABIA profile and click the enquiry button below.

Read Rexvil Photography's Customer Reviews.
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Jason Wong Photography is a well-known wedding photographer in the industry, for his expertise and friendly personality. Jason will go above and beyond for his wedding couples because he has the biggest passion for capturing all sorts of wedding days!

Jason is super flexible, detail orientated and highly alert the day of the wedding to ensure that each element of your special day is covered. Get in touch with Jason, and I'm sure you will be impressed by his communication!

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#6 - Simon Bills Photography

Adelaide Wedding Photography Simon Bills

Adelaide Wedding Photography Simon Bills

Adelaide Wedding Photography Simon Bills

Adelaide Wedding Photography Simon Bills

Simon Bills is not only a terrific bloke but a master at capturing detail when it comes to wedding photography. Simon has been shooting weddings in Adelaide and around the world since 2008, adapting and developing his style to move further into the background to capture the raw, unguarded moments of couples and their loved ones.  Whether it's that tear in your Dad's eye during the speeches, the sneaky "we got this" look from your husband or wife when you meet at the alter, or your 4 year old nephew, drunk on lemonade, doing somersaults on the dance floor, Simon is definitely there for it! 

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Wedding Photographer Danielle Bartlett
Adelaide Photographer Dani BartlettAdelaide Wedding Photographer Dani Bartlett

Dani, business owner and photographer of Dani Bartlett Photography, is an Adelaide based wedding photographer. Dani's style is fresh, effervescent and vibrant, incorporating a variety of colours and techniques to truly bring your wedding images to life. Offering a high level of personalised and professional service, complemented by her outstanding quality of wedding photography, Dani is definitely the photographer for you if you're looking for more than "just a picture".

Read Dani Bartlett Photography's Customer Reviews.

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#8 - SvenStudios

Adelaide Wedding Photographer SvenStudiosAdelaide Wedding Photographer SvenStudiosAdelaide Wedding Photographer SvenStudios

As a wedding photographer, SvenStudios prides themselves in the ability to capture the emotion behind a wedding by following a photojournalistic mentality that produces natural, heartfelt scenes that show true emotion. They like to 'capture moments' as they happen, and have a bit of fun while doing it! Be sure to read some of SvenStudios reviews or send them an enquiry below.

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Oak & Capture is an Adelaide based team supplying both Wedding Photography & Film production. Their collective of visionaries continue to grow together, capturing authentic love stories in a contemporary way. If modern or luxury is your style, be sure to check out this extraordinary team who will go above and beyond.

"Let's have a good time with good vibes - making memories along the way!"

Read Oak & Capture's Customer Reviews.
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