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Tips from Brisbane Event Lighting Experts

G&M Event Group (Entertainment + Lighting Specialists)

ABIA Weddings had the opportunity to speak with Brisbane's G&M Event Group to discuss the importance of professional lighting at any event or wedding. Of course many of us don't think of event lighting when we begin planning our wedding, however we have seen that lighting has become a more popular option amongst couples who wish to add that extra ambience to their wedding reception.

Read on to learn the interesting key points of professional lighting at a wedding!

Brisbane Event Lighting G&M Event Group

Why is Event Lighting at a Wedding Important?

There are 3 main ways we use event lighting to create next level weddings.

1. Ambience- Lighting plays an enormous role in setting the scene for your event. You only have to think of the difference between a fluorescent office light bulb and a candle lit dinner to see how light placement, brightness and colour can have a massive impact on the way your guests feel at your event. Using lights that let you control the ambience at different times throughout the night will help every moment feel special.

2. Directing Attention- In a dimly lit room, our eyes are naturally attracted to areas of brightness. In theatre, spotlights are used to show you what you should be paying attention to, we can do the same at your event by using lighting to highlight important decorations or to add emphasis to special moments. There are more options then just spotlights, the real magic happens when lights are combined with music to create a whole sensory experience for your guests.

3.Party Time!- If you are worried that the dance floor at your event is going to be a flop, you should be putting some serious thought in to how the lighting is going to set the party mood for your guests. Bright, ugly lighting makes people feel self conscious and uncomfortable when getting up for a dance. Use colour, movement and contrast to create an energetic atmosphere on your dance floor and your guests will pay you back by cutting loose on the dance floor late into the evening.

Using these 3 elements of lighting together will help set the tone for your perfect wedding celebration.

Brisbane Event Lighting G&M Event Group

Event Lighting Brisbane G&M Event Group

G&M shares the different types of Event Lighting

What is Uplighting?

Uplights are battery powered lights that can be used to completely change the colour or feel of a room. They can be set to any colour, from classic and elegant Warm White to outrageously OTT Hot Pink.

If your wedding venue's standard lighting leaves you feeling uninspired, uplights might be a good solution for you.

Event Lighting Brisbane G&M Event Group

What is Spot Lighting?

Spot Lighting is where we use specially positioned, battery powered mini-spotlights to highlight the important features of your wedding. Wedding Cakes, Centrepieces, Wishing Wells or anything else that you would like your guests to pay special attention to.

Spot Lighting will help you make the most of the expensive focal points of your wedding by bringing them out of the darkness and placing them front and centre for your guests to enjoy.

Brisbane Event Lighting G&M Event Group

What type of lighting is the best for Weddings?

In the end there is no right or wrong lighting for your wedding. Every wedding is unique and individual, although if you are looking for some general advice from our lighting design team, here it is.

1. Warmer lighting is generally more romantic and flattering. Avoid Fluorescent lights or cool white lighting fixtures and lean towards candle light and warm lights. If your venue only has fluorescent or cold white lighting, we can help you by bringing in custom lighting to bypass the problem.

2. Have your lighting a little brighter during dinner, people like to be able to see their food while they are eating. Once the formalities are complete and you are ready to dance, cutting the brightness on and around the dance floor is one of the biggest factors that will pull guests on to your dance floor.

For extra emphasis, have someone ready to turn the lights off when you kick off the first song of your party set, this will act as a signal for your guests that its time to get up and dance.

3. Use a spotlight to make sure your guests are paying attention to your MC. Standing in a brightly lit position immediately gives your MC more authority and guests are more likely to be quiet and pay attention.

4. Get creative. There is no right or wrong way to do it. If you dont know where to start, have a chat with the G&M Event Group team about how you can use lighting design to take your wedding to the next level.

Brisbane Event Lighting G&M Event Group

What areas and venues does G&M Event Group service?

G&M are based in Brisbane, but travel everywhere! The majority of their work happens within 2 hours of Brisbane but they are no stranger to a road trip to help you make your event truly unique and memorable.

Contact G&M Event Group for Brisbane Event Lighting Enquiries.

Event Lighting Brisbane G&M Event Group