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A Moment With ‘Chameleon Sand Candle

ABIA meets the team behind this innovative new wedding decorating idea.


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It goes without saying that candles and romance go hand in hand, but it seems the humble wedding candle has undergone an evolution, thanks to the creative team at Chameleon Sand Candle.

“We saw the need for a more cost-effective and sustainable approach to supplying candles within the wedding industry,” they explain.

The family business now proudly manufactures a versatile granular wax, which they say makes for a more cost-effective, sustainable and low-maintenance wedding decorating solution.

ABIA sat down with the Chameleon Sand Candle team as they ‘waxed’ lyrical about the innovative candle concept and its myriad applications.


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Tell us about your business and wedding services.

We are a proudly Australian made and owned business. Our mission is to redefine the art of illumination, transform spaces and provide inspiring moments of joy and creativity with innovative and versatile candle sand products that are safe, eco-friendly and ignite the imagination.

Being a manufacturer, we offer our products on a wholesale, retail and hire basis, catering to both the diverse needs of the wedding industry and couples looking to DIY with a decorating product that can save them time, resources and money.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

We recognised the challenges faced by wedding planners, stylists and hospitality professionals in terms of cleanup, time and expense and saw an opportunity to offer improved and more sustainable and economical candle solutions.

Since we started in 2021, we’ve made candle setup and cleanup easy, so that industry professionals can focus on creating unforgettable moments for their couples.

Where are you based and what locations do you service?

Our operations span globally, but we are based in Western Australia and Queensland, and service retail and wholesale clients across Australia. We also offer vessel hire services in Perth.


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What inspired you to create Chameleon Sand Candle? Where did the idea come from?

We saw the need for a more cost-effective and sustainable approach to supplying candles within the wedding industry, but also went beyond that by addressing the potential negative health implications of scented and coloured candles.
We felt an ethical and moral responsibility to prioritise consumer safety. Candle scents and coloured waxes can include substances that are irritating to some and potentially harmful to health, so our candle sand is purposely offered in a natural white colour, free of scent.

Why the name 'Chameleon'?

Our candle sand can seamlessly transition from a casual mid-week family dinner candle to an elegant wedding setup — and everything in between — much like the adaptability of a chameleon to its surroundings.

What are the advantages of your candles, from the point of view of weddings? How do they differ from other candle types?

Their primary strength lies in their simplicity. Setting up is a breeze, requiring minimal product for each burn, and cleanup is a straightforward process.
The safety features of our sand candles are another point of distinction. We feel they’re the safest candle available thanks to their remarkable self-extinguishing capability — if tipped over the sand tends to fall on the wick, extinguishing the flame. The candles can also be used with LED flames, making them ideal for venues that don’t allow real flames. Our candle sand is also the highest quality, does not leave vessels dusty and utilises less product, per burn, than similar products on the market.



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Can you supply vessels for the candle sand? What types of vessels are suitable?

Presently, we exclusively offer vessel rental in Perth. Almost any sturdy, non-flammable vessel will work, but we recommend those with a minimum width of 9cm, as this minimises adhesion to the sides, making for an easy cleanup. The possibilities are limitless — glass cylinders of all widths and heights, ceramic vessels, shells, metal bowls, wine glasses, teacups, salad bowls and more.

How can couples personalise your candles to suit their wedding style or theme?

The choice of vessels offers the most scope for personalisation, and these can be a mix of glass cylinders, jars, ceramics or even something entirely distinctive.
Coloured glass vessels are a great means of introducing a colour theme and, because our candle sand floats, specially-crafted floating candle centrepieces offer almost endless opportunities for creativity and personalisation. See the clip below for inspiration.

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At what stage of the wedding planning process should couples contact you to discuss their decorating needs?

Once couples have selected their venue and envisioned their table setups, our team steps in to assist in finding the optimal solution for their needs. Whether it's determining the quantity of candles required or offering insights into the best setups, we guide them through the process.
Early bookings are encouraged, particularly for vessel hire, but we are committed to accommodating our clients as much as possible, with solutions, flexibility and personalised service.

What is the most unusual way you've seen your candles used?

At the moment they’re being used by Sofitel Melbourne On Collins for their candle rituals, and hundreds of our candles featured at the ABIA Awards in Victoria and Queensland earlier this year. We also once hired 300 kilograms of candle sand for a wedding that featured 300 candles, and love-love-love seeing them used in fireplace setups!


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