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Looking for a Coloured Wedding Dress?

When you think of the classic wedding dress, the first picture in your mind is a long white gown and a flowing veil. If white is not your favourite choice, fear not, because there are so many options for the bride looking for a coloured wedding dress!

Coloured Wedding Dresses designed by Multi-ABIA Award Winning Bizzaro Bridal Couture. Photos by Kiri Shay Photography

At ABIA we will help you find your perfect wedding dress, no matter what colour, style, size or theme. Below, we will have a look at where the white dress came from and why more and more are moving away from it.

Embellished Wedding Dress - Light Blue Wedding Dress - available at Raffaele Ciuca. Berta Bridal available at Raffaele Ciuca Strapless Wedding Dress - Personalised Wedding Couture in SydneyBlack Bridal Gown, designed by Bizzaro Bridal Pink Dress available at Bridal Fusion by Mascia Pink Dress available at Bridal Fusion by Mascia


The Beginning of the White Trend

Some say that white wedding dresses were supposed to represent purity, often taken literally as the mark of a virgin bride. However, most historians and fashion experts agree that this “rule” was set not too long ago.

Infact, the real start of the white dress trend was Queen Victoria’s own wedding. Before that, it was much more common to see a bridal dress marked with different colours and floral patterns. Wedding trends always change with the times, and the growing number of women wearing any colour they want suggests that we’re in the middle of another change of mindset.

Paddington Weddings Bertossi Brides - Blue Floral Wedding DressFloral Pattern Wedding DressFloral Patterns: designed by Paddington Weddings - Bertossi Brides

Why choose a coloured wedding dress?

Some brides love the idea of bypassing the trend and expressing a little individuality. Other brides will choose other colours because of what they represent.

Red is a popular colour because, to many, it symbolises love, passion, strong excitement, and even luck.

Red: Available at Bridal Fusion by Mascia
Photo by Jon Wah Photography

Chrissy Teigen on her wedding day.

As mentioned, more and more women are breaking away from white dresses. Even high-profile celebrities buck the trend, with Jessica Biel rocking the pink for her wedding and famous blogger Sophia Cachia going all out in black.

Jessica Biel Wedding Dress
Jessica Biel Wedding Dress

Choosing a Colour that suits you best.

One thing should matter about all else when choosing a wedding dress, is that you look and feel beautiful when you wear it. If white makes you uncomfortable, you don’t have to stick with it. You don’t need yet another thing making you more nervous on the morning of your big day.

If you have beautiful fair skin, a gorgeous navy blue or baby blue can add some contrast. Or an alternative to that crisp white dress you’ve been eyeing is the champagne or cream version.

For darker or olive skin tones, a blush pink or even black wedding dress can be a real fashion statement.

Pink Wedding Dress: Designed by Bizzaro Bridal Couture

Black Wedding Dress designed by Bizzaro Bridal Black Wedding Dress: Designed by Bizzaro Bridal Couture

Wedding Dress Colours on Trend

If there’s one place that shows that white does not have to be the be-all and end-all of wedding dress, it’s the fashion world. In particular, you might want to take a look at some of the latest trends from wedding dress designers.

Last year, white might have been the dominant colour but it was complemented with a big trend in black details that added a lot of dimension and personality to the dress.

This year, pastel colours are back, from cream and sky blue to blush pink. One of the latest colours making a splash is lavender and black, which popped up from many designers in the recent wedding fashion shows.

Jordanna Regan Couture - Pink Wedding DressPink: Designed by Jordanna Regan Couture. Photo by Qualis Photography

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