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Do You Need an Engagement Photo Shoot? 

We met with the multi-ABIA Awarded Luke Middlemiss Photography to discuss the importance of having an Engagement Photo Shoot before your wedding day.

Luke is an experienced wedding photographer who gets pure joy out of capturing the special moments between two people in love.   |

​The engagement shoot really is an important part of my job. I consider it a “Get to Know You” session because I get to spend time with a couple and capture great images. 

We leave not only having made some beautiful images but also knowing that we have become friends. â€‹This creates a higher level of comfort during the wedding day, as I am now a familiar and friendly face along for the ride on your wedding day. 

People often ask me how I take such nice wedding & engagement photographs, so I thought I would share a bit on how I accomplish this. Especially how I keep my photography looking natural and authentic without looking at all contrived.

Camera Shy Couples

The most important aspect is my strategy for relaxing camera shy couples. First, it's important to have an engagement shoot. When we do this there is a wonderful opportunity for me and the couple to get to know each other better, not only to build a trusting relationship but to create a comfortable atmosphere between us as I am doing my work.

It's all about energy levels

​Second, I’ve found that mirroring the couple’s energy level works great and I usually up my enthusiasm level a bit more in an effort to get theirs up incrementally.

If I'm working with a shy and reserved couple, I too become just that with a tad more passion. If they are energetic and adventurous then so am I, again being slightly more spirited. The key is being yourselves as a couple and letting the sincere emotion you feel for each other come out.

The simple joy of being together and expressing that energy gets stunning results.

The Relaxed & Formal Approach

Your engagement shoot can be as relaxed or as formal as you wish. I prefer to combine the relax & formal approach by going to beaches, forest, mountains, parks, and natural locations essentially getting glamour shots of my couples. I recommend you wear clothing that is fun, reflects your personal style whilst matching the surrounding area. I want them to have fun! 

I remain a joyful person and my photo shoots are never a drag, I dispel any discomfort by mixing things up a bit. I do this with fun little vignettes, like piggyback rides, lifting the love of your life up in the air, or even create some provocative situations.

For example, imagine this, your love suddenly has to take a job elsewhere for a number of months, now you have only a few minutes together before they leave. What would you do? These types of provocations create a new situation for them to express true appreciation for their relationship and the results are magic


Natural Light is Important

For me, it has always been about the expression of deep emotion and captivating natural light. When it is just me and the couple doing our location photography during that window of golden glowing light as the sun’s setting, I get my own goosebumps as the couple stare into each other’s sparkling eyes with love and genuine devotion.

There is an authenticity in those moments that seem to go in slow motion. In them is a heartfelt resonance that I simply adore." - Luke Middlemiss Photography â€‹â€‹


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