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Eyelash Extensions Geraldton

​Natural Lash Beautique | Frequently Asked Questions.

If you're looking for natural looking eyelashes, then you have come to the right place. As the name says it all, 'Natural Lash Beautique' are a Geraldton based beautician who focus on healthy looking and full lashes with shape & style.

We met with Kathryn Leeman, the owner of Natural Lash Beautique about her services and common questions regarding Eyelash Extensions.


Eyelash Extensions Geraldon

Lash Services:

Natural Lash Beautique offer a pain free, no damage and relaxing experience. Their services include:
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- Lash extensions

There are a variety options from a natural look to soft or full glamour. The length, thickness and style is to suit your lifestyle, eye shape and needs.

Lasts 3 - 6 Weeks

All extensions are designed to suit each individual and carefully applied to be comfortable and weightless wearing everyday. Extensions grows out with the natural lashes growth cycle or can be removed safely and pain free.  

- Lash Lifts

Curling, setting and colour boosting the natural lash.
Lasts 8 - 10 weeks

- Keratin Boosting Lash Treatements

Serums, mascaras and cleansers, which are all safe for the eyes. 

Lash Extensions & Lifts Geraldton


Why do you have a passion for lashes?

"I love helping women feel good about themselves, not only for coming and relaxing in my lash room but helping them look and feel like they can take on the world when they step out my door."

Kathryn says "designing a style that works for my clients is what I love to do. I feel it’s more like art than work. "

Eyelash Treatments Western Australia


How long do Eyelash Extensions Last for?

Most ladies on average get a good 3 - 4 weeks before feeling like they need touch-up. 

The reason for the touch-up is because natural lashes start to grow and complete their growth cycle, which is then replaced by a new eyelash. During a touch-up/refull, we lash these new natural lashes to help keep the overall look consistently fresh and full; each client is different though. It will take 6 - 8 weeks before all extensions have completely shed with the natural lash cycle.


How long does an Eyelash Lifts last?

With Lash Lifts, this basically lifts natural lashes up into a soft curl. Add a bit of tint or colour, and you will achieve a natural look with depth. This way, you won't have to wear mascara and will avoid that clumpy look we all dread.

For lash perms, it takes 7 - 10 weeks until the natural lash has completed it's full shedding cycle.

Before & After- Eyelash Extensions


How do you get Natural Looking Eyelashes?

We use finer & softer extensions, sometimes in brown or black to achieve a clean, overall look with no gluey clumps. You should never be able to see any joins between extensions and natural lashes, nor should they stick together.

Our styling and shaping of the extensions also make a difference between looking natural and fake.

Before & After Lash Extensions


What kind of care is involved?

Lashes are very simple to look after. Cleanse and brush them everyday and use the recommended products for a longer fresh and healthy appearance.


What are your prices?

Our full sets of extensions include a consultation, after care , styling options to suit the clients needs. 

Natural Set: $160

Soft Glamour Set: $180

Full Glamour: $210

Refill/Touch-Ups:  $80 - $95

Lash Lifts: $80


Eyelash Extensions on your wedding day?

Extensions are a great for that no panda eye look either from, smudging, crying or perspiring on the day of your wedding. More importantly, they will keep your eyes looking fresh, all day and night . 
We recommend to have a trial of extensions before your actual wedding day, perhaps your hens or bridal shower could be an option?

Another reason why you should get extensions for your wedding day, is that they will last for your honeymoon, which is simply perfect for those days you wish to go for a dip in the pool or ocean!


To contact Natural Lash Beautique, send them an enquiry today.


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