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21 Wedding Bouquet Ideas You’ll Love!

There are SO many options out there when looking for wedding bouquets. That's why we've decided to make your life easier by listing popular bridal bouquet ideas, created by Australia's most beloved Wedding Floral Designers

Each Floral Designer has been highly recommended by real brides via Australia's largest wedding review platform, ABIA

Tip: always consult with your wedding florist about seasons, textures, which flowers go with what, etc. as they generally have an abundance of knowledge which will help you make easier decisions. 

Another tip: please always read online reviews when choosing a wedding florist. The best advice and insight you will ever receive is from a bride or groom themselves. Thank goodness for technology! 

Alrighties, let's get started and have a look at all the wedding bouquet ideas you will love, from rose bouquets, simply bouquets, rustic bouquets to big, bright & beautiful bouquets! 


The Rose Bouquet

When you're considering roses, please don't refer to The Bachelor's one red-rose! Roses come in so many different colours and sizes, they will be hard to resist including them in your bridal bouquet. A popular choice for the modern wedding bouquet, is the mixture of large & fluffy dusty pink & white roses!

Colours: Red, Light Pink, Dusty Pink, Yellow, Orange and Purple


Wedding Bouquet - Rose Bouquet - Leah Mitchell - Australia

Leah Mitchell Floral Design

Wedding Bouquet - Rose Bouquet - Flower Head Events - Australia

Flower Head Events

Peonie Bouquet

Peonie bouquets are definitely one of the most popular choices for a bride-to-be. Everyone adores them (um, how could you not), but they are one of the more expensive flowers out there. They are so big and so fluffy, with so many colours to choose from, that they simply bring joy to all our wedding-obsessed faces!

Ask your local wedding florist for a quote and I'm sure they will be able to work the peony in around your budget.

Popular Colours: White, Pink, Blush & Red

Season in Australia: October to December

White Peonies Wedding Bouquet - Elkhair Florist
Elkhair Florist

Wedding Bouquet - Peonies - Brisbane Wedding Flowers
Gwen Floral Co. 

Orchids Floral Bouquets

The phalaenopsis orchid is one of the most beautiful flowers you will find amongst weddings. They work for large wedding bouquets, but can be so effective with smalle bouquets like the below. The phalaenopsis orchid come on many different colours and are simply stunning!

Popular Colours: White, Pink, Purple, Yellow and Orange

phalaenopsis orchid wedding flowers
Gwen Floral Co.
phalaenopsis orchid
The Turquoise Rose

phalaenopsis orchid
Wedding Flowers by Keren
phalaenopsis orchid wedding flowers my little peony
My Little Peony


Native Wedding Flowers

See this big beautiful feature flower, she's called the "King Proteas", and they're often confused for an Australian native flower, but they are originally from South Africa. Nevertheless, they are gorgeous and a show-stopper, available in both pink and white.

Native Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers by Keren (Photo by Figtree Pictures)

Native Wedding Flowers Jewel Phon Flowers
Jewel Phon Flowers - Lightheart Films & Photography

Native Wedding Flowers
The Turquoise Rose

Small Wedding Bouquets

Small floral bouquets (also known as a posy bouquet) generally have a few stems of flowers, but can be so effective! You can still show a multitude of beautiful colours with a variety of flowers, but you won't be left with a dead arm carrying a super heavy wedding bouquet all day!

Small Wedding Bouquet Sydney
Small Wedding BouquetJewel Phon Flowers

Posy Bouquet

A posy bouquet is a small bouquet, but more the classic style and round in shape. The stems are generally cut to the same length and little to no foliage at all. It's for the bride who is set on a romantic and traditional style, which we of course adore!

Posy Bouquet Willetton Flowers
Willetton Flowers
Posy Bouquet
Jewel Phon Flowers

Foliage Wedding Bouquets

The colour green has such a calming feel, so we don't blame you for failing in love with the Foliage Wedding Bouquets! It can often be a less expensive option too!

Green Foliage Wedding Bouquet
Wedding & Events Warwick

Asymmetrical Bouquets

This has become a really popular option when selecting your wedding bouquet. It's generally a flower bouquet that isn't symmetrical, and a little bit lop-sided, but in the most beautiful way! It generally a mix of foliage of fresh flowers, giving your local wedding florist, more options for some serious floral-art!

Asymmetrical Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers by Keren

Cascading Bouquets

If you are obsessed with flowers and you want your wedding bouquet to be a serious feature at your wedding, then you can't go past the cascading bouquet that naturally sits like a waterfall. The cascading style tend to be a larger wedding bouquet, and combines a range of foliage and big beautiful blooms, like the orchid.

Cascading wedding flowers
Maple Florist

Long Stem Bouquets

Wedding bouquets with the long stem are definitely making a mark in wedding-land! Definitely a popular option for the modern bride and particularly featured with roses. 

Long Stem Bridal Bouquet
Violet & Sage
Long Stem Bridal Bouquet
Elkhair Florist

Colourful Bridal Bouquets

For the brides who want a pop of colour as they walk down the aisle, we are seeing many different hues, whether bright or baby colours, plus all sorts of textures! Talk to your local wedding florist about which colourful flowers are in season at the time of your wedding day. Check out the glitter in the first photo below! Swoon!

Colourful Wedding Bouquet
Maple Wedding Florist
Colourful Wedding Flowers by Keren
Wedding Flowers by Keren

White Flowers with Greenery

This type of bouquet suits any wedding, whether it is classic, modern, boho, luxury, we see this colour combination in all sorts of wedding bouquets and it works!

Green & White Wedding Flowers
Lily & Lotus

Tropical Wedding Bouquet

If you're opting for a Summer Wedding, definitely consider a Tropical Wedding Bouquet, featuring a mixture of small and big palm leaves and flowers likes orchids or even birds of paradise! You could incorporate the tropical palms in to your ceremony and reception styling as well, it will certainly have hat wow factory! 

Tropical Wedding Flowers
Tropical Wedding Flowers
Jewel Phon Flowers

Succulent Bridal Bouquet

Who doesn't love a cute succulent! Succulents can last longer and are certainly a great option for a quaint wedding style. Better yet, you can plant your succulent after your wedding too!

Thrive Wedding FlowersThrive Wedding Flowers - Jackson Grant Weddings (Photo)

The All White Wedding Bouquet

For the monochrome lovers out there, we know you can't resist the white wedding bouquet! White is of course the more traditional colour at a wedding, however your options are endless whether you're hoping for a classic wedding or a modern wedding. Be sure to speak with your Floral Designer as they will have the right information on which white flowers go together in terms of textures.

Jewel Phon Flowers
Jewel Phon Flowers
White Wedding Flowers
Florabunda Flowers

Boho Rustic Wedding Bouquet

Boho and Rustic Wedding Bouquets tend to have a variety of textures, are multi-coloured, and are generally not too symmetrical. Your local wedding florist will include all sorts of foliage to complement your favourite flowers. They're perfect for couples who are looking for a boho or country styled wedding.

The Turquoise Rose
Rustic Wedding Bouquet
Thrive Wedding Flowers - Georgia Verrells Photography
Boho Weding Flowers
The Turquoise Rose

Wedding Bouquet with Eucalyptus

When you're looking through your pinterest for wedding flowers (we've all been there...for hours), you will tend to see Eucalyptus as a popular choice across all sorts of flowers. They are definitely a great "filler" and offer lots of texture in your wedding bouquet.

Eucalyptus Wedding Flowers
Jewel Phon Flowers

Wedding Flowers by Keren - Eucalyptus Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers by Keren

Pink Wedding Bouquets

Similar to white, there are endless options for pink wedding flowers. From peonies, to orchids and alliums (look like little pom poms). Pink bouquets tend to have a variety of textures and shades, but our personal favourite is always featuring a big beautiful peony with some orchids.

Pink Wedding Bouquet
My Little Peony
Pink Wedding BouquetGwen Floral Co.

Bright Wedding Bouquets

Across Australia, we are seeing bouquets feature oranges, reds and yellows, these hues make for the best combination if you're looking for a fun vibe with a pop of colour!

Colourful Wedding Flowers Bridal BouquetsThrive Wedding Flowers
Colourful Wedding Bouquet
Flower Head Events

Autumn Hues

The gorgeous colour palette of an autumn wedding bouquet boasts natural beauty! Suited for boho and outdoor weddings.

Colours: think browns, whites, oranges, yellows and light pinks.

Autumn Wedding Bouquet
Leah Mitchell Floral Design
Autmn Wedding BouquetGwen Floral Co.

Darling Dahlias!

Add a Dahlia or Dahlias to your bouquet, and you've instantly got volume! They are more a summer flower, however you can always check with your florist, if they can be imported for your wedding in a different season.

Colours available: Purple, Red, Orange, White, Pink or Yellow.

Dahliah Wedding Flowers
Gwen Floral Co.
Dahlia Wedding Bouquet
My Little Peony - Puzzleman Productions

Wedding Flowers in Australia

As you can see, there are so many wedding flower options! So, we hope the bouquets above from Australia's top wedding floral designers have given you the best inspiration! 

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