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5 Most Popular Ideas for Wedding Catering

Let's admit it, food is our second lover! You'll love this article which will give you ideas as to how you can cater to your guests at your wedding. 

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Below, we will take a look at the various options many wedding venues and caterers offer when serving their foodie delacies at your wedding. 


#1 - Banquet Style

The most popular option at many venues, is the 3 Course Banquet (Entree, Main & Dessert), served throughout the night by your designated waitstaff.

Generally, venues will give you the option of an alternate drop, which means every second person will have a different dish to the person next to them. This way, you can choose one seafood, vegetarian or meat dish. This is certainly the more formal option and will suit various wedding themes.

Be sure to organise a tasting session with your love and best friend to choose your favourite dishes. It's so much fun! 

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#2 - Sharing Plates

This is a personal favourite! To us, food is a universal language. Guests can easily interact with each other by commenting and sharing the food around. Not only that, the presentation can look really effective down a set of long trestle tables. 

Tip: Just don't double dip please, that's a no no.  

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#3 - Buffet

Buffets can also be really interactive as it encourages guests to get out of their seats and strike up conversations in line, catching up on the events of the wedding day and how hungry they are (always a great topic of conversation). Also, buffets can often be a cheaper alternative catering wise as it saves on serving staff. 

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#4- Food Trucks

Food trucks can be so much fun! This a great option for weddings on large properties with ample space. Again, a brilliant opportunity to get your guests to mingle and bond over food. These trucks can truly look gorgeous amongst natural backdrops with fairylights and giant letters to accommodate the styling.

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#5 - Cocktail Style

If you're opting for a more casual wedding, the cocktail style wedding can be the perfect option. Food is constantly served throughout the night by roaming waitstaff with constant canapés, sliders, noodle boxes, sushi etc. Again, this can often be a cheaper alternative to some other traditional catering options.

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Food is such an important aspect of your wedding as it is a huge talking point and can really add to the positivity of a wedding celebration - so be sure to get it right my friends!

Check out some of our ABIA Award Winning Wedding Venues and Caterers and ask them what their catering options are.  


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