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Celebrate with a 360 Photo Booth in Sydney

Featured Vendor: 360 Booth

Getting married in Sydney, Hunter Valley or the South Coast, and you're worried about keeping your guests entertained throughout your wedding? Hiring a photobooth or videobooth is always a great option to occupy family and friends during the lulls of the formalities. Or if you want to take your celebrations to the next level and get a completely immersive and interactive experience... look no further than 360 Booth!

This NSW based wedding vendor offers a completely unique way of capturing a snapshot of your day in video form (and from all angles!) giving you and your guests an experience to remember.

Read their Q&A below to learn more about their Sydney Videobooth services.

NSW Wedding Videobooth | 360 Booth

Tell us about your business:

Think photo booth - but think bigger, faster and WAY MORE FUN!

What better way than to let 360 Booth entertain you and your guests. Our booth is totally unique, we produce high quality videos of guests and it's a totally engaging experience. Once someone steps on to our booth, we capture you in full 360 video! Just throw in some confetti & slow motion for a great time.

After being effortlessly captured in 360 video, our on the spot production creates a video that your guests can't help but share. To themselves, their friends & the world via social media. It's quick and simple.

You don't need to worry about how long to hire us for, well be there all night long until your guests get cut off from the bar. Our price includes up to 5 hours hire and all the confetti you can handle.

What locations do you service?

We operate out of New South Wales, however we service Australia wide. You can expect to see us in Newcastle/Hunter Valley, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth regularly.

NSW Wedding Videobooth | 360 Booth

What do you love about weddings?

I love the weddings that perfectly reflect the couple getting married. They usually inject their personality into the ceremony and the rest of the evening. The end result is usually a wicked night of fun & partying, fuelled by an open bar and kept hanging together by amazing music and entertainment.

Being a part of the whole experience leaves us with with a smile on our faces. We've been a part of one of the most important days of someone's life and been able to give everyone there a memory to take home.

NSW Wedding Videobooth | 360 Booth

What's your role at weddings and what makes you different?

We are part of the entertainment at weddings and are all about getting through the formalities, so you can focus on having fun. We fill all the gaps between post-wedding drinks, to the end of the party. Guests can come up and have some fun whenever they like and create some amazing videos. When was the last time you were captured in full 360 video?

NSW Wedding Videobooth | 360 Booth

What's your advice to couples planning a wedding?

Weddings are expensive, so think about what you value on your day. You may opt for a smaller elopement if all you care about is getting married. You might be craving that amazing celebration during the evening, to party with family and friends. Whatever it is, figure out where you want to invest your money. An amazing photographer? Or killer DJ? From there you can compromise on other things you're not too fussed about. It's great way to help manage the cost of a wedding.

NSW Wedding Videobooth | 360 Booth

What was your favourite wedding?

I think my favourite wedding to date was our first post-Covid, no restrictions celebration. The vibes were high, people wanted to just get out, mingle and have fun. The dance floor was filled all night with killer tunes. There were definitely some sore feet and heads the next day.

NSW Wedding Videobooth | 360 Booth

Why are wedding professionals expensive?

I can assure you, when you drop the "W" word, your vendors don't instantly rub their hands together and think they are going to take you for a ride. You're paying for their expertise, knowledge of the industry, along with their craft. You've got to remember that your face time on your wedding day isn't all your vendors do.

Running a business is expensive and time consuming, so when you're getting quotes for services, yes there will be differences in the dollar amount. You'll probably find that more expensive vendors are higher quality, will live and breathe their craft, and you'll benefit from their knowledge and professionalism. The final outcome being an amazing experience and wedding day.

NSW Wedding Videobooth | 360 Booth

Why should you consider a 360 booth?

You might love uploading selfies to Instagram or you might completely hate getting your photo taken. Either way, our 360 Booth at a wedding isn't really for you...

Yes you get to use it, and you get to see all the videos post-wedding, BUT a 360 Booth is actually for your guests. It's about providing them with entertainment during the night, a good portion of your guests will use it and love it. They'll come back all night long, providing them with not only memories to take home, but give them something fun to do during the night.

NSW Wedding Videobooth | 360 Booth

How long should wedding couples hire 360 Booth for?

This is a great question that we get asked frequently and its applicable to any video/photo booth in general. Guests are there all night, and there are a lot of formalities to get through. Dinner, speeches, first dance just to name a few. Sometimes things don't run to plan, after ceremony photos take longer than expected, dinner runs late or Uncle Bob might have had a few and his impromptu speech goes for longer than 20 mins.

Timelines are hard, so we don't try fit our service in around formalities. If you hire us, we are there for up to 5 hours. It doesn't matter what happens on the night, guests will have the opportunity to have some fun. It's piece of mind really.

NSW Wedding Videobooth | 360 Booth

You can find out more about hiring 360 Booth for your wedding here.