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Pro DJ's Australia | Sydney Wedding DJ & MC

Ensure your reception flows with ease and your guests are kept well entertained with Pro DJ's Australia!

Pro DJ's Australia 
provides two highly-recommended services that will ensure you will have a stress-free reception - Wedding DJ and MC (master of ceremonies).

Learn more about Pro DJ's Australia and their amazing advice about the importance of hiring the professionals to make your night one to remember! 

Sydney Wedding DJ & MC - Pro Dj's Australia

Tell us a little about Pro Dj's Australia.

  • Genuine Professional DJ / MC services.

  • Bespoke, Award-Winning Services

  • 110+ Wedding Recommendations via ABIA

  • Trusted Guidance & Support with Attention to Detail

  • Expert&  personalised planning processes.

  • Reputable throughout the Wedding Entertainment Industry

  • Specialising in customised package tailored to our clients' requirements.

Wedding DJ & MC - Sydney - Pro DJ's Australia

How did you begin working as a DJ & MC?

It all began at a home party many years ago. My parents hosted a number of neighborly gatherings and after playing some of dad's vinyl on the home Hifi Stereo system, I began to practice blending music with a cassette tape deck.

The guests were dancing and loving it. I was shy of using a microphone at the start, however after a few little home parties my confidence grew, and hosting parties went to a new level.

Over time my confidence grew and I learned how to create a fun environment, perfect the timing and announcements of important parts at an event and how to keep guests engaged via the use of a microphone.


Tell us what you love about working at Weddings?

I am passionate about making people happy. I have been raised this way from a very young age. I love entertaining. Working with various cultures age groups and keeping everyone engaged throughout the night.

Through experience, I have learned how to read a crowd, reach out to them emotionally, and create a number of feelings by sharing a lot of love at a Wedding. There are many ways I can create memorable and fun moments at weddings, aside from filling a dancefloor.

I personalise each wedding by reflecting and highlighting important parts of who the couple is and celebrating their commitment to one another with their loved ones. Which to me, is priceless every time.

Wedding DJ - Sydney - Pro Dj's Australia

Why do you believe it is important for Engaged couples to consider hiring a professional for their Wedding Music?


  • They are highly experienced and are more likely to know how to read a crowd and engage with people of different age groups and cultures too.

  • They know a number of different ways to create memorable moments on the night for the client and their guests to remember.

  • They are insured and licensed to play music in public places.


What is the most requested song you get asked to play?

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk 

What are the 3 most popular First Dance songs?


What planning is required prior to the wedding day when hiring a DJ?

  • Timing of formalities for the couples' wedding running sheet.

  • Package selection and if the client wishes to include any extra add ons, such as Up Lighting, Monogram, or Dancing On A Cloud Effect.

  • Selection of songs for the formalities.

  • Selection of requests the couple would like and would not like playing on their wedding day.

  • Background music styles.

  • If they need a hand with a PA and music for their ceremony and/or predinner drink and cocktail hour.

Sydney Wedding DJ - Pro DJ's Australia

What is your role as a Master of Ceremonies (MC) for Weddings?

  • The journey as an MC begins with the first engagement via phone, Video Call or face to face consultation.

    • Getting to know the couple is crucial. Some prefer a casual style wedding with minimal announcements others want the Grande Deluxe experience.

  • On the day, we arrive early to introduce ourselves to all the vendors, confirm seating arrangements for the bridal party.

  • Many times we offer to help with welcoming the guests as they begin to enter and help them with their table locations, and always happy to help those in need of assistance with a helping hand in getting to their seat at their table too.

  • We will then head off to the bridal room check-in with the bridal party, introduce ourselves, answer any questions they may have, and confirm the pronunciation of their names and order of entry.

  • More times than often we act as Wedding DJ and Wedding MC. In the event we are not DJing we will check in with the band or alternative DJ and confirm queue points for each couple and where to fade songs out in order to introduce the next couple.

  • Prior to the Welcome speech and bridal party entry, we will check with the photographers and videographers to make sure they are in place and ready to shoot.

  • It’s SHOWTIME, we take to the mic and welcome the guests with an emphasis on energy and excitement. Make mention of the housekeeping items and begin to introduce the amazing bridal party into the reception.

  • A larger emphasis and build-ups is made just before announcing the newlyweds, encouraging guests to raise the roof and make plenty of noise.

  • Once seated, we will work with the venue to ensure meals are on time. Some venues have multiple rooms so times can sway a little. If not, we improvise keeping the newlyweds informed so they can relax and enjoy their time with their loved ones.

  • We will make any additional announcements as the Entrees are being served, or begin to prepare and host a couple of Wedding Games if the couple wishes to include them on their night.

  • Once tables are cleared an MC announces Main Course time and then begin to prepare the speakers for their speeches. We will introduce ourselves to the parents of the couple and commonly their dad will do a speech. We will give them notice a couple of times and advise from where would be the best place to do their speech so that all the guests can see them and they are best captured on video too.

  • It's time for speeches. As an MC, it is imperative to check that all of the wedding party are back at their seats at the bridal table before beginning. We begin announcing a few highlights warming up to the first speaker which is usually the father of the Bride or Groom. We then thank them and warm up to the introduction of the next speaker, and this flows up to the wedding couple. Sometimes we throw in a few little golden nuggets to keep the guests engaged.

  • Immediately after speeches, we will invite the newlyweds over to the cake table where we will invite them to hold the cake knife together which resembles life in unity together, and on the count of three, we will ask them to cut their cake. This is followed by inviting guests to raise their glasses nice and high as we then raise a toast to honor our newlyweds.

  • The time has now come to invite the newlyweds to the dancefloor for their first dance together. Again the MC will warm up the guests inviting encouragement and excitement as they walk to the dancefloor and we introduce their first dance. The DJ/Band takes over from here.

  • Later in the evening, we will host the throwing of the bouquet, removal, and tossing of the garter and then the grand finale is usually via a tunnel of love/farewell arch. This is where we prepare and bid our farewell to our newlyweds and offer our love and well wishes.

  • The night concludes by thanking our guests for their presence, sharing their love, and celebrating the most important night of our newlyweds beginning of a new journey.

Wedding DJ - Sydney - Pro DJ's Australia

Why do you think it is important for Engaged Couples to hire a professional MC?

  • Through many years of experience, they know how to engage and energize different age groups and cultures.

  • They know how to pull things together if for some unforeseen reason the timing of events begins to go pear-shaped.

  • They keep the couple informed throughout the night so that they can relax and enjoy their time with family and friends.

  • They are insured and licensed to play music in public places.


Wedding DJ - Sydney - Pro DJ's Australia

What was your favourite wedding and why?

My favorite wedding was my one. I am from Melbourne originally and my wife and I got married in Sydney. Yes, she is from Sydney – Happy wife happy life.

Her background is Lebanese and mine is Greek. We invited 350 guests 100 came from Melbourne. The party began as soon as the Melbourne crew began landing in Sydney. Drinking, singing, dancing every single night.

The Lebanese have a tradition called the Laelia. Which is a mini party before the Wedding Day. Traditionally the groom's family and a friend are celebrating once the word is given in the village.

The streets are then filled with people invited or not from the brides village, who walk sing and dance in the streets and then all walk over to the groom's village and once both masses of people join it’s a celebration like no other. Dancing, Singing, Drinking, Eating, Chair lifting, and the list goes on.

On the wedding day, we hired a friend who hosts bus tours to pick up the Melbournians from their hotels and bring them to the church, then go for a bust tour around Sydney before being dropped off at the reception. It was chaos on the bus with my friends and family all celebrating, before and after the wedding.

At the wedding as soon as we were introduced, the Lebanese drummers' singer and flute player lit the place alive. It was my first experience with Lebanese traditional entry. The party was non stop.

Halfway through the night over 20 guys were shirtless with Greek traditional Zembekiko dancing (aeroplane dance). Everyone just connected and gelled together so well and it was a celebration that I have never felt such elation of emotion and just feeling so much love on one room on one night.

Wedding DJ - Sydney - Pro DJ's Australia

Do you offer other services?

Yes, we do, we also offer:

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