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The Questions to ask before booking your wedding venue.

Booking your wedding venue is one of the most exciting steps of the planning process, and it will make everything start to feel more real. Given the impact that it will have on the entire day, you simply must get it right.

Asking the venue coordinators the following questions should provide the insight needed to make the best possible decision.

Zonzo Estate - Yarra Valley - Photo provided by Sarah Godenzi Photography

Can it host the ceremony and the reception?

Knowing whether the venue is capable of providing the full package can have a huge influence on the possibilities. It allows you to use the same styling in both areas while avoiding the costs and hassle of transport from one venue to the next.

Make sure you see all venue spaces, including external ones as this will help you create a vision.


Glengarrif Historic Estate - Queensland Ceremony & Reception

When is the venue available?  

There’s nothing worse than finding a dream venue only to discover that there’s a three-year waiting list when you’re desperate to get married in six months time. Checking the availability during the period in which you wish to tie the knot should be a priority.

Ask about the cost variations between midweek and Saturday weddings too.

How many guests are allowed?

The size of your wedding venue is one of the most significant aspects. You don’t want a venue that restricts your party size. On the other hand, knowing that the venue is big enough to accommodate your party size (legally and practically) is essential.

Creating a rough guest list ahead of seeing potential venues can be very useful for this reason.

Coolibah Downs Private Estate

Coolibah Downs Private Estate - Queensland Ceremony & Reception


Is it possible to hold the venue?

Even if you’ve fallen in love with the venue, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to book it right away. Ask if you are able to hold it for free for a period as this can put your mind at ease as you make the necessary checks before confirming the booking.

When it comes to booking, make sure that you know about the deadlines for deposits.


Can guests stay at the venue?

Most newlyweds will tie the knot in front of friends and family from all over the country, or sometimes even further afield. Many venues will include rooms for guests to stay overnight. When this is the case, asking about the quantity and the costs is advised.

You might not need these options if the majority of your guests live nearby.

​Brighton Savoy - MelbourneABIA Award Winning Hotel Wedding Venue​


Do they have any customer-reviews?

It is so very important to research the customer-reviews of all wedding vendors you intend to book, especially the venue. Online reviews give you a quick idea as to how the product and service was prior to the event as well as during the wedding day itself. Make sure you are visiting reputable wedding review websites which ensure all testimonials & ratings are provided by real wedding customers, not friends and family. 


Is there a Plan B available?

A number of issues can test your patience on the big day, ranging from power outages to adverse weather at an outdoor venue. Knowing that the venue has backup plans in place to ensure that the day keeps running smoothly will be very reassuring indeed.

It may transpire that you don’t need a Plan B, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Plan B Wedding Venue - Maleny Manor​
Maleny Manor - Sunshine Coast - Ceremony & Reception - Indoor & Outdoor

Are any preparation spaces available?

If you are staying at the venue the night before, it’s worth asking if the venue has a designated area/bridal suite for your hair and makeup, this can add great value as the morning of the wedding must be as zen as possible!

Bramleigh Estate - Melbourne Hamptons Style Venue


What services are included?

Some venues will include cutlery, tablecloths, tiffany chairs etc. within the price. If this is the case, you’ll want to see the different options and styles because those elements will have a significant part to play in regards to the overall aesthetic on the day.

If they don’t include these items, ask if they have any rules on what you can and can’t do.


Are there any restrictions on styling?

Altering the design of a venue with wedding decorations will go a long way to building the theme of your big day. Some establishments will be happy for you to do whatever you like (within reason) while others will be far less versatile. Asking about the possibilities and limitations is vital.

Flower arrangements, chandeliers and other decorations will have a huge and positive impact.

Beautiful Weddings Charger Plates

Beautiful Weddings - Australia-Wide - ABIA Award Winning Stylists

What are the facilities like for children, the elderly, and disabled guests?

Most guest lists will include children. A dedicated area for kids to play or watch a film when the speeches are going on can make the day run more smoothly. At the other end of the scale, you must not ignore the accessibility requirements of older guests and disabled visitors.

With regards to the latter issue, it’s especially important to remember the toilet facilities.


What is the situation with the bar?  

Some venues allow you to bring your own alcohol. Some will provide a round of champagne as well as table wine for the meal. Others may set a minimum spend on the bar. Understanding the situation, along with the staffing issues, will allow you to make a smarter decision

Of course, if you want a dry wedding, the venue should be happy to satisfy this requirement.

Australia's Best Wedding Venue (2018) - Showtime Events 


Where can photographers take their shots?

Wedding photos are the perfect way to capture the magic of your big day forever. Unfortunately, even the best photographer in the world will struggle to get those winning shots if restrictions are in place. In addition to internal setups, you’ll want to ask about access limitations in external areas.

Wedding Photographer - Luke Middlemiss
Luke Middlemiss Photography - Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer

Who will be the point of contact?

Great communication will be essential throughout the wedding preparations, not least when dealing with the venue. Getting to know your Function Coordinator is crucial, as they will be the best person to discuss any concerns and check the situation with the various elements of your big day.

Without this support by your side, things can quickly start to go wrong at various stages.

Summergrove Estate
Summergrove Estate - Ceremony & Reception Venue

Is GST included?

Everybody has a budget to stick to, and you’ll undoubtedly want to ask about the price. However, you don’t want to face an unexpected tax expense, not least because it could easily cost an extra few thousand dollars, especially if you’ve paid for a package.

Serafino Mclarenvale​
Serafino Mclare Vale - Adelaide - Photo by Glenn Alderson Photography


When the value is as good as the service, your dream wedding is sure to become a reality.

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