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10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Professional Wedding Photography

It’s your big day and, as much as you may be looking forward to it, it can all go by in a blur. You want to make sure you have the perfect reminders that can help you relive that day as vividly as when you experienced it. What better than an album of gorgeous photographs?

However, some might think that photography can be handled just as easily by an uncle, aunt, friend, or family pet as by a professional. Here, we’re going to look at why you shouldn’t cut the wedding photographer from your budget and what they have to offer.

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You want your guests to focus on having fun

When you take the DIY approach, you’re most likely going to be asking one of your guests to take on the responsibility of taking the photographs. Perhaps you have an avid photography fan in the family who knows their way around a camera. Perhaps you don’t yet know just how much of a difference the pro touch makes. Either way, it’s a big ask.

Your guests are there to help you celebrate your big day and the time they spend photographing is time they’re not dancing, drinking, or having fond reunions with family and friends they might not have seen in some time. Let them enjoy your wedding for the special day it is, rather than letting them spend it all under the pressure of delivering great looking photos.

Knowing your equipment makes a big difference

Anyone can buy the same kind of camera as a professional photographer (if they’re willing to spend that much). However, professionals take their equipment much more seriously. Even if you have the best camera and zoom lens in the world, you’re not going to get a lot out of equipment you’re not familiar with.

There’s a lot of potential to be unlocked with any camera, and the photographer brings expertise in a lot more besides. The right combination and switching of lenses, lighting setups, editing software and more all combine to create wedding photography of a truly professional calibre.

wedding photography

Staging successful shoots are more than most amateurs can handle

It’s not as easy as simply pointing and shooting. Even those amateur enthusiasts who know their equipment well may not be familiar with the kind of constraints they’re working under when it comes to a wedding.

The pros come with a full understanding of wedding timelines, an ability to direct and handle large groups of people, understanding of lighting and posing, and various other skills that make them perfect for working in such unique conditions.

The ability to anticipate and work efficiently within your schedule without inconveniencing you or your guests is talent all on its own and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Pros come prepared

What if there’s a hiccup in the plans? It’s such a busy day, reliant on so many different parties and factors, it’s hardly unthinkable that something unexpected might throw a small spanner in the works. When it comes to the amateur, handling the responsibilities of the wedding photographer can be stressful enough, will they really be able to cope with a new challenge?

From bad weather to disappearing wedding party members, from permit issues to equipment faults, the professional photographer has experienced it all. They will have a backup plan, a troubleshoot, or a workaround to get things back on track, you can rest assured of that.

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Get a little help keeping the day relaxed and comfortable

When coping with the responsibility of taking your wedding photographs, an amateur can easily get flustered. This can lead to them getting a little hasty or frustrated when trying to gather guests or work out issues in the way of their shoot.

Professional wedding photographers are true pros in every sense of the word. This includes knowing perfectly well how to keep the tone light, friendly, and jovial to make sure that the feeling of celebration is well-maintained even while they’re taking their role very seriously.

They’re there to capture every moment

When you have a guest taking the photos, you also have someone who has to participate in the events throughout the day, from dancing to dining and beyond. They’re there to focus on the biggest moments, most of the time. The walk up the aisle, the first dance, the group shots, and so on.

A pro is there to capture everything, on the other hand. From the bridal party getting ready to the party in full swing, they have one mission: capture as many beautiful and poignant moments as possible. This also includes the small and behind-the-scenes moments that can really make the day feel uniquely yours.

They can help you find the perfect visual style

Photography isn’t an art that relies solely on how well you know the physical equipment you use. Editing plays a huge role in creating photos you will want to keep forever, as well.

Can you ensure that an amateur photographer will know the difference between different styles, from candid to photojournalist to the difference between modern and traditional photos? Even if you’re able to show them exactly the style you want, are you sure they will be able to reliably replicate it? With a professional, you don’t have those concerns. If you’ve spotted an inspiring style you want to emulate, they can help you make it happen.

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Reliability is key

Just imagine: it’s nearly three months after your wedding has taken place and you’re past the point of eager to see the photos of the day. You get in touch with the family member or friend who filled in the spot, only to hear those three dreaded words: “I lost them”.

While you might wait a little longer for a professional to deliver them, depending on their workload, you are guaranteed to get them in the end. Professionals keep backups (often multiple backups) to ensure that no single power surge, fried hard drive, flood, or other crisis can get between you and your snaps.

You’re paying for more than just the photos

If you want fantastic wedding photography, then you have to be willing to pay for it. Many might still balk at paying for what you believe you can get for free. However, you’re paying for more than just the photos, in reality.

You’re paying for the training, the experience, the equipment, the time spent preparing, editing, and follow-up, travel, insurance and a lot more. There’s a lot that goes into becoming a professional wedding photographer. You’re paying for all the time, money, and effort they’ve invested as well as the end result: photos you will be proud to display and look through for years to come.

Because they love what they do

The last reason to consider hiring a professional wedding photographer might sound a little cheesy, but it’s true. The majority of pros love their craft and there are few settings as exciting and uplifting as a wedding to make it all the better.

Working in a wide range of different settings, with different couples and families, and all the unique dresses, décor, and traditions they see make their job one of the best in the world, so they are more than honoured to be a part of it.

If you want truly gorgeous wedding photography and all the service that comes with it, then a professional photographer is worth making room for in the budget. Abia can help you find precisely the right wedding photographer for your big day, so take a closer look at our listings and find the best providers near you.