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The Modern & Fashionable String Quartet Group for Weddings

Based in Sydney & Melbourne

When you think of a string quartet, you generally think of classical music (don't get us wrong, we absolutely love classical music!), but Cadena Strings not only offers the traditional sets of music for weddings, they will mix it up with modern renditions across your entire wedding day. If you scroll on down, you will be mesmerised by what they can do.

Believe it or not, there will be a strings version for every modern song out there, and if you have a modern song that you absolutely cannot stop listening to, then Cadena Strings are the masterminds who will learn the music in a strings format for your wedding day. Who would have thought Toxic by Britney Spears would sound so good as a string quartet, well Cadena Strings certainly makes it sound good!

If you're getting married in Sydney or Melbourne, and you're thinking of hiring a string quartet for your ceremony or reception, definitely consider Cadena Strings for their professionalism and exceptional talent.

Who is Cadena Strings?

Owned and operated by the wonderwoman, that is Dora Maria, who graduated from the prestigious Royal College of Music in London and formerly was part of the Australian Youth Orchestra, Dora has positioned Cadena Strings as a highly sought-after group of musicians from Sydney & Melbourne.

Cadena Strings is a team of exceptional musicians that will bring that wedding ambience you always dreamed of to life. They have hand-selected highly qualified members to be part of their Melbourne & Sydney String Quartets Groups. With their years of experience working alongside engaged couples to create the best repertoire of music, there is no doubt they will design the greatest personalised experience for your special day.

What can Cadena Strings do for your Wedding Day?

The owner Dora will help you curate a playlist based on what vibe you are after, she will offer the best recommendations in terms of music before the ceremony and after ceremony. The options are really endless as to what type of music and instruments you can have too! We detailed what they offer below so you can get the best idea of how Cadena Strings can add value to your wedding ceremony or reception.

Electric Violin with a Dj!

Yes to this times a million! The vibe an Electric Violin paired with a familiar wedding dj is appreciated entertainment by all generations that attend your wedding day. Below you will see Dora playing to a good ol' favourite from the Spice Girls. Ideally this option works brilliantly for wedding receptions, as its a great talking point and gets the dancefloor excited! P.s. the violin glows in the dark, can this get any better!?

Sydney Strings for Hire Cadena Strings Electric Violin

Traditional String Quartet

A traditional string quartet includes 4 string players, generally two violins, a viola and a violoncello. This a really popular option during a wedding ceremony, i.e. background music before and during the aisle walk, and then during pre-dinner drinks. This type of wedding music sets a romantic and relaxed atmosphere before the guests move on to the reception for speeches, celebrations and dancing.

String Quartet Sydney Cadena Strings

String Duo

Included in a String Duo will be a Cello & Violin, which makes for the most beautiful partnership. Imagine having Dua Lipa's Levitating playing during pre-drinks with the masterminds below (featuring Dora Maria herself), you can already see how your guests will be getting excited for a brilliant night celebrating your wedding day.

String Duo for Hire

String Trio

When there's three string musicians at your wedding, there will be a violin, viola and bass. Cadena Strings is all about looking the part to blend in well at a wedding, so they ensure all their outfits are coordinated to look as professional as possible.

String Trio

Add a Flute, Singer or Guitar to the Mix

The beauty about string instruments, is that they complement all other instruments. Whether you're after flute, guitar, Cadena Strings will work with you to understand what music you wish to play, and from there you can discuss whether it would be a great addition to feature their professional flute player or other musical additions.
Sydney String Quartet

What is Cadena Strings favourite piece of Ceremony Music?

Dora shared with the ABIA team, "the most exquisite piece of music is Pachelbel's Canon in D, nothing can compare!"

Listen to some of their music by Genre

Jazz Music
Ideal for Pre-Dinner Drinks and Background music during the wedding reception dinner.

Classical Music
Music composed by the likes of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart are always perfect for pre-ceremony & aisle songs.

Latin Pop
Great for background music during thewedding reception as the night comes closer to dancefloor time!

Modern Pop
To help pickup the excitement throughout the day, this is a great option during pre-dinner drinks leading into reception.

Classic Pop
Music from the time of The Beatles, are great for all generations to enjoy the ambience of a wedding.

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