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What Wedding Dresses are on Trend?

When choosing the perfect dress for your big day, you want to choose the wedding dress that best fits the theme of the occasion, as well as the styles that best match your tastes.

If you’re having a little trouble finding the right dress, checking out the trends can be the spark that ignites your inspiration.

Let’s take a look at what’s in fashion right now in the world of wedding dresses.

Colourful Wedding Dresses

Many brides dream of that classic white dress on their big day, but some of the latest trends show that women are more than happy to break from tradition if it helps them look & feel even more beautiful.

Recently, it’s become the fashion to be a little bolder with your choices, with many designers adding splashes of vibrant colours to a traditional wedding dress.

Over the years, more and more brides are opting for a non-white gown. We can thank the fashion designers for inspiring brides to choose unique colours such as the pinks, blushes and even black wedding dresses which grace the fashion runway.

Coloured Wedding Dresses by Bizzaro Bridal Couture. Photos by Kiri Shay Photography


Big Dresses are still fashionable.

Big dresses are making a comeback and they’re getting even bigger. Voluminous skirts with multiple tiers have drawn a lot of attention as of late, often paired with strapless or halter tops, maintaining a feminine silhouette whilst still making a statement.

It’s not often you can wear a volumous dress, hence be sure to try some on in the bridal stores, you never know, you may find your fashion love!

Big Wedding Dresses | Personalised Weddings Couture
Big Skirt Style by Personalised Weddings Couture | Photo by Yazzen Photography  

Dare to be Different.

As of late, wedding jumpsuits and short skirts are making a splash in the wedding fashion world, which we absolutely adore!

Some brides opt for a jumpsuit, with a skirt over the top, so when the ceremony finishes, she is ready to dance the night away in her statement pantsuit!

​Romeo Bastone Couture is well-known for her unique designs


High Neck Wedding Dresses

The high neck wedding dress has also become a popular choice this year with brides and celebrities. There is something really royal about the high necklines, a perfect example of that royal “Victorian” look is Pippa Middleton, who amazed us all in her lace Giles Deacon gown in 2017.

Designers are chosing to pay attention to the neck of late, allowing brids to accentuate a more traditional wedding dress with accompaniments like high embellished necklines, bejewelled collars and more extensive shoulder details.

They’re also perfect for drawing the attention up to the bride’s face while allowing for a more conservative approach below the waist.

High Neck Wedding DressesDress by Personalised Weddings Couture
High Neckline Wedding Dress​High Neck Style by Personalised Weddings Couture


Take a Bow!

Bows are always a popular romantic addition to a dress, they represent both occasion and femininity perfectly.

Oversized bows are being fitted in sculptural shapes to dresses now, giving a modern twist to a classic design. The twist is literal, with asymmetrical or lopsided bows being particularly common along necklines or lower backs to draw a little more attention to your womanly features.

Wedding Dress by Karen Willis Holmes More Photos in Real Wedding Story.  

Minimal is still beautiful.

If you’re more of an easy-going gal and you want to represent your simple style, minimalism is still in fashion.  There are so many dresses with simple and clean lines available, bringing a little nostalgia to your wedding day.

Plain Wedding Dress Styles by Raffaele Ciuca
Plain & Minimal styles by Raffaele Ciuca  

A Weight Off-the Shoulder

Many designers are creating the off the shoulder look which works in a variety of styles, from boho to contemporary. What we love about the off the shoulder dress, is it immediately adds a a little extra sophistication and character to a bare-shouldered alternative.

The off-the-shoulder look is also great for brides who would like to cover their arms for any reason.

Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress
Off-The-Shoulder by Romeo Bastone Couture. Photo by Motta Weddings


Two Piece Wedding Dresses

The two piece wedding dress can create so many different looks, whether it’s the laced long-sleeve top paired with a flowy skirt or a top with cap sleeves and a stream line skirt.

This option can often provide brides with the option to feel more comfortable and confident based on the flexibility of two styles combined together.

Karen Willis Holmes Wedding Dress
Karen Willis Holmes Two Piece Dress

Whether you’ve found an idea you like or you want to see the latest trends in-store and see how good they look in real life,

ABIA’s wedding dress directory can be the perfect tool to send you in the right direction. The directory lists all the top wedding dress suppliers in the area, so you can save time and money looking for that one perfect dress.