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​7 Wedding Hair Tips with Aleesha Darke

ABIA met with multi-ABIA-Awarded Gold Coast Wedding Hair Stylist, Aleesha Darke to discuss her top 7 wedding hair tips! We talked all things wedding hair, what to do, what not to do, if dirty hair or clean hair was the best for styling, hair trials and hair seasons! If you have more questions for Aleesha, feel free to visit her website or contact her here - she is truly something special!

Wedding Hair Tips - ABIA Finalist - Aleesha Darke ​

1. For inspiration, create a Pinterest board with all the hairstyles you love. The more options you have, the easier it is for your stylist to interpret what your #hairgoals are.


Create a Pinterest Board of Your Favourite Wedding Hairstyles


2. Choose wedding inspiration photos which have a similar hair colour to you, that way you will have a good idea how the hairstyle will look on yourself.  

3. Consider the time of year you're getting married. This will dictate what sort of style you will choose, or if you hair doesn’t hold/curl well, then an upstyle in the warmer months will be a better option.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles - ABIA Australia
​Photo Credit: Figtree Wedding Photography

4. Think about your own look and style. It's always best to go with a look you would normally go for when you dress up for an event, then your hair stylist can glam it up a notch for your wedding day.

Boho Wedding Hairstyles - ABIA Australia
​Photo Credit: Designer Images

5. Dirty hair is NOT the key! Clean hair will give you the best results! Wash and blowdry your hair the day/night before your hair trial and wedding day. Don’t let your hair dry naturally as it can promotes oily roots. Make sure all conditioner is rinsed from the hair properly. Hair treatment can be used, however used it sparingly. 

Updo Wedding Hairstyles - ABIA Australia​

6. Have a hair trial run before your big day! If there is something you want to try, now is the time! This is where your hair stylist can fine tune your look, so if there’s anything you don’t like or that you want to change, speak up! Your stylist won’t know if you don’t tell them, and I promise we won’t be offended if you do want to change something!

7. It’s our job to make you feel amazing and create your dream hairstyle 💁🏽

Aleesha Darke's most frequently asked questions

Question 1. When should I colour my hair before the wedding?
Answer: At least 7- 14 days before your big day! This will give you at least 1-2 washes before your wedding day, so any excess tint will be released and your colour will settle, which will be just right for your special day.

Question 2. When is the best time to do a hair trial?
Answer: 4-6 weeks before your big day is perfect timing. Your hair length won’t change too much before your wedding day and if you require any changes, there will be plenty of time! 

We hope you learned as much as you hoped for regarding wedding hair tips​! If you have further questions for Aleesha Darke, contact her here