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Wedding Jewellery by Temple & Grace

Engagement & Wedding Jewellers based in Sydney & Melbourne

We all know that wedding rings are the number one thing that simply must not be forgotten on the big day! Whether you've got your heart set on a simple gold band or you're dreaming of a showstopper diamond ring, there's a style to suit everyone.

Choosing the perfect wedding jewellery can be a difficult process, but Temple & Grace make it so much easier for couples to find their dream jewellery! From engagement rings to matching wedding bands and a wide range of men's and women's jewellery, their exquisite collection of lovingly crafted items will make your big day just that little bit sweeter.

Wedding Jewellery Sydney Melbourne Temple & Grace
Credit: Temple & Grace

What to think about when choosing your wedding jewellery

- Find a reputable jeweller

- Choose your precious metal carefully

- Try it out for comfort

- Get it custom-sized so it fits you perfectly

- Look into insurance for your ring or wedding jewellery

Wedding Jewellery Sydney Melbourne Temple & Grace

Here's 5 reasons why Temple & Grace could be the perfect wedding jewellers for you:

1. Exemplary Craftsmanship

Temple and Grace are master jewel-smiths who are at the top of their game. With formidable skills and knowledge, they create Australia's finest special occasion jewellery.

Armed with the finest expertise, Temple and Grace craftsmen create Australia's most unique engagement rings, wedding bands and jewellery. Every Temple and Grace masterpiece is handcrafted in precious metal with close attention to detail.

Wedding Jewellery Sydney Melbourne Temple & Grace

2. The perfect pairing!

Pairing your diamond ring with a gorgeous tennis bracelet or diamond necklace is easy at Temple and Grace. Simply visit their jewellery showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne to experience Australia's most intricately crafted collection of bridal jewellery.

Temple and Grace jewellery advisors are a bottomless well of diamond and design knowledge, eager to guide you through journeys of discovery. In the capable hands of their expert craftsmen, you'll encounter unexpected new favourites and learn the stories behind each piece of jewellery. If you're looking at finding the perfect wedding ring to match your engagement ring style, you'll be glad to know that Temple and Grace go above and beyond and offer a guaranteed match. They've clearly gained the brilliant 5-star jewellers tag from their clients for good reason.

Wedding Jewellery Sydney Melbourne Temple & Grace
Wedding Jewellery Sydney Melbourne Temple & Grace

3. Jewellery boxes worth stealing!

An extra ingredient that gives Temple and Grace jewellery that final finishing touch is their beautiful jewellery packaging. When a standout jewellery piece is presented in a signature Temple and Grace jewellery box, the end result is simply sensational.

Wedding Jewellery Sydney Melbourne Temple & Grace

4. Wallet-friendly jewellery!

Buying an engagement ring or a wedding band doesn't have to break the bank. Whether you buy jewellery online from the Temple and Grace website or visit their jewellery showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne, you are guaranteed to save over 40% as compared to high-street jewellery retailers. The reason you save so much is because you are buying directly from the craftsmen! When you buy jewellery from Temple and Grace, you are doing away with the middleman. The result: big savings!

Wedding Jewellery Sydney Melbourne Temple & Grace

5. Stress-free 365 day returns!

If you've ever bought jewellery online or from a high-street retailer, you'll know that they don't offer returns and refunds. The experience with Temple and Grace is entirely different. Their unmatched returns policy gives you a full year to exchange or return your Temple and Grace jewellery.

Wedding Jewellery Sydney Melbourne Temple & Grace

If you think Temple & Grace could be the answer to all your wedding jewellery prayers, browse their website or visit their showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne to see their stunning collection.