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The Importance of Professional Lighting at Your Wedding.

We spoke with the experts of Sydney's Impact AV and discussed how lighting can drastically enhance your wedding reception.

Lighting Hire in Sydney for Weddings

Why should you include lighting at your wedding?

Wedding lighting is undoubtedly one of the most essential elements to styling your venue reception. 

Why? With a professional opinion of where lighting should be situated, the guests of a wedding will be focused on what's important at any given moment, i.e. wedding entrance, speeches, first dance, the cutting of the cake, bouquet toss, pretty much every special moment at your reception!

There are various lighting hire options that are available to help enhance the look of a wedding venue. With great lighting, the hard-work of styling your wedding reception will not go to waste.

Uplighting Hire in Sydney


What could go wrong if you don’t have wedding lighting?

Without great lighting, your photographs may not turn out as well as they could; this can be a big risk to take especially when you receive your photographs and can't do anything about it after the wedding is over.

By including mood lighting within your reception room, your guests can really enjoy the ambience of your event and moreover enjoy and see their meal! Also, there's nothing worse than really bright lighting or no lighting at all when your guests are on the dance floor, there should be enough lighting for the guests to see where everyone is.

Bridal Table Lighting


Why you also need professional audio.

Many couples overlook the importance of having professional audio for their wedding ceremonies. For weddings of more than 50 guests, Impact AV recommend a professional microphone to make sure your guests can hear your vows.

Across the board, speeches are the number one source of audio used in wedding films. So, it’s essential you don’t just capture audio for audio’s sake. You need to make sure you capture high-quality, clean audio for your wedding videos.


Your 3 lighting tips to designing the best wedding reception.

It's a combination of place, situation and lights:

Impact AV can visit the venue before your wedding day and determine which areas of the room require what type of lighting. It could be lighting from the ceiling, the floor or lighting that's raises to 6ft to focus on certain elements such as the wedding cake.

Controlling the color of light:

Try to avoid mixing different coloured lights by assessing the venue. Be sure to consider your styling and vision when determining what colours to feature in the reception room. Impact AV recommend using one or two colours (maxium) to create elegant atmosphers.


Create stress free environment for your guests:

Having really bright lights or not enough lights can strain the guests eyes when they are focusing on different elements of your wedding day. Try and aim for a good balance of light.

Sydney Lighting HIre

What lighting options are available and how to they differ?

At Impact AV Australia, they provide following various kind of lighting options:

  • LED Light
  • Moving Light
  • LED Fusion Bar
  • Gobos
  • Smart MAC
  • Color Roof wash
  • Bridal table wash
  • Dance floor wash

A basic lighting option would be considered a bridal table wash which is effective for focusing attention on the wedding couple & bridal party.

There are also static uplights which can be placed in key positions around the room to add to the theme of your styling.

Another popular option is the Roof Wash Package which uses LED Fusions Bars or our Intelligent Lights in the roof. When combining the Bridal Wash, Uplighting and Intelligent lights, you will have the most magical Wedding Productions which will have guests talking for years!


Monogram for Weddings.

What is Impact AV's most popular choice of lighting and why?

The most popular package is the Intelligent Lighting Package which includes moving lights in a reception room, 6 lighting changes or looks for the evening and a personal technician to program the lighting looks and operate the equipment. The most popular colours are champagne and sometimes a blue-based light.

Event Lighting Hire

Lighting can change the entire atmosphere at a wedding reception, but how?

It is no secret that the right lighting can set the mood or tone for any event. To make the entire atmosphere beautiful and stylish, there a various techniques which can be used, such as up-lighting, Gobo, Outdoor lighting to corporate in the ceremony and reception.

Up-Lighting is a technique in which lights are placed on the ground and aimed to project light off the wall or at a particular object. This method of lighting is used to illuminate certain elements and will absolutely enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Colored Lighting can be coordinated with a wedding's overall color palette and can turn a plain venue into a beautiful, picturesque reception.

Gobo, which stands for “Goes before Optics” is a very popular form of lighting in weddings and events. Gobos are used to project monograms, dates and other wedding themed designs, they are such a fun way to add a personal touch to your special day.


Up Lighting throughout the venue​

A wedding is not just any event, it’s a production. Why?

On average, a couple will hire 13+ services for their wedding day. You have your production team (Bridal Party) to support you along the way of a very momentous occasion.

Hosting a Wedding will most likely be the biggest event you will ever organise, hence it is best to get it right and make it look good! If you have hired decorations for your reception, by adding lighting will ensure that your styling does not go to waste, because lighting will make it look 100% better in real-life and in photographs.

If you are wanting to enhance your wedding reception for an event to remember, touch base with the great Sydney team at Impact AV.