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Winbas Photography | Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Travels to Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula and all of Victoria.

Supporting all types of Weddings & Couples.

Winbas Photography is a creative and passionate wedding photographer in Melbourne, that loves to capture out-of-the-box photos for couples celebrating their love.

We spoke with Winbas Photography, that has provided helpful tips to ask potential wedding photographers and advice on choosing your wedding photo location!

Winbas Photography - Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Tell us a little about Winbas Photography.

Winbas photography is a dedicated photography service that began 5 years ago from my home.

I had a passion to capture and preserve beautiful moments. I am pleased to say that we were published in Vogue Brides 2020 and voted Best International Wedding Photographer 2021 during the Australian Enterprise awards.

We are passionate about not just getting the photo but capturing the emotion. We prefer natural laughing over the awkward poses.

Winbas Photography - Melbourne Wedding Photographer

What is Winbas Photography's point of difference?

For every package and wedding, we offer:

  • A free 60-minute couple shoot before the wedding day.
    We think it is super important for the couple to see how we work, as well as for us to get to know your best angles before the wedding day.
  • Location Scouting
    Once a location/venue is decided, we always scout the location before the day.
    This way I know the best lighting, and best spots to capture the day from.
  • Customized Quotes
    Although we do have packages, any and all packages can be tailored or customized to meet the couples needs, as we know every wedding is different.
  • Personalised Timeline
    We create a personalised timeline for the photography throughout the day and try to work with the Venue/MCs timeline so there is no rush for the couple.
  • Free re-edits
    - if required (up to 12 months after the day)
  • Sneak peek of up to 30 photos the very next day

Winbas Photography - Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Why should a couple book a professional Wedding Photographer?

It is so important to hire a professional photographer because they will know how to get the beautiful shots (lighting, framing, and composition) without making you pose for an hour.

When it comes to editing, a professional wedding photographer, will edit in such a way, that your wedding photos come out authentic and as you and your love.

Winbas Photography - Melbourne Wedding Photographer

What is your style of Wedding Photography?

My style is natural, bright, and happy photos.

I love to capture the natural emotions on the wedding day, rather than posing the couple to make them look a certain way.

Winbas Photography - Melbourne Wedding Photographer

What tips would you give to engaged couples when looking for a location to shoot their Wedding Photos?

The most important thing to look at is the lighting.

Is the venue outside? If so, I would recommend your main couple photographs after 4 pm (during pre-dinner drinks), that way the sun is a lot softer and gives your skin a more even light.

Or if the ceremony is inside, is it light enough? If it's not, we at Winbas Photography will research the venue and ensure we will find a solution to your lighting needs.

Although an experienced photographer would be able to get great photos, either way, It does make it so much easier to get all the details of a shot, you don't want anything left in the dark.

Winbas Photography - Melbourne Wedding Photographer

What questions do Engaged Couples need to ask potential Wedding Photographers?

  • Do you outsource your editing?
    If they do, this means you may be waiting a bit longer to receive your photos.
    Winbas Photography love to look after their couples from start to finish, including editing and FREE re-edits if needed.

  • Do you offer a free Engagement or Trial shoot?
    This way your photographer can learn the couples' comfort zones and they can learn your best angles before the wedding day.

  • What is your Photography Style?
    E.g., Light airy vs Dark and Moody.
    This is also what you should be looking at when checking out the photographer's previous work.

Winbas Photography - Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Why did you choose to capture weddings?

"I had lost contact with my family for 16 years. My father, brothers, and grandparents were all in America while I grew up in foster care in Australia. Because of this, I felt very disconnected and like I had no family, history or past.

After 16 years I found my brother on Facebook and flew to America the next day to meet him. From there I was put into contact with the rest of my family including my grandparents.

The most defining moment was when I sat down with my Grandma after 16 years of separation and we went through her boxes (and boxes and boxes) of photos.

We came across her wedding photos. She was stunning in her blue dress.

...And sitting there holding these photos that were over 50 years old, I realised that I was holding my family history.

A Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment would have been gone if not for the photographer.

That was when I decided I wanted to do weddings specifically. I wanted to preserve history, love, and joy from beautiful couples wedding days Super cheesy, I know - for their kids and grandkids to see."

Winbas Photography - Melbourne Wedding Photographer

What is your favourite thing about being a Wedding Photographer?

My favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is the hour after the ceremony, where I take the newly married couple away from the crowd to a stunning location and capture the couple's photos.

I love this time because it gives the couple time to let the fact that they are married settle in. It is also when we capture the most loving and sweet photos.

Winbas Photography - Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Have you had or seen any funny mishaps while shooting a wedding?

Not really, Ive been lucky that most of my weddings have run smoothly so far! Thats not to say that I havent seen my share of harmless dancefloor trips and slips.

Winbas Photography - Melbourne Wedding Photographer

What was your favourite wedding and why?

I have a lot of favorites, but I guess one that I loved was with Tegan and Kylie.

These ladies had an outdoor wedding with torrential rains on their wedding day but managed with the help of their parents to get a last-minute marquee set up.

I guess I love this wedding because no matter what the day threw at them, they just had massive smiles and were a ton of fun to work with!

Winbas Photography - Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Do you offer other services?

I am pleased to say that I do offer other shoots including :

Couples Photoshoots and surprise proposals - I just love the shock, smiles, and tears from these types of shoots.

Maternity - I am always amazed at how stunning the soon to be mamas are.

Newborn photoshoots - Who could not fall for the tiny toes and little nose and of Family photoshoots? I love seeing how the families change and grow every year!

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