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ABIA meets charistmatic Melbourne marriage celebrant and MC Adam Jackson


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A born performer, Adam Jackson might have hung up his Wags the Dog and Scooby-Doo costumes, but having turned his talents to marriage celebrancy he’s thrilled that his abilities now help to enhance his couples’ happiest days.

“I have spent most of my life speaking in front of people as a performer, host and entertainer,” Adam explains. Then adds, “I know what works in a ceremony after performing more than 100 weddings”.

For some couples that means delivering something solemn and serious, for others it means a ceremony full of silliness, but Adam’s flair for performance allows him to adapt to suit any occasion.

ABIA chatted to the versatile celebrant and MC about wedding vows, personalised ceremonies and how his little girl inspired a career change.


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Tell us about your wedding celebrancy services.

I’m passionate about working with couples to create and present a unique, personalised ceremony for their special day. I have been a celebrant for more than five years now and have officiated more than 100 weddings. I know what works and happily give suggestions and point couples in the right direction, but I can also work with whatever a couple may have in mind for their big day.    I have a full PA setup and can also offer MC services to help ensure that the wedding reception is facilitated in a relaxed, fun way.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I used to tour a lot for my performing work, but the birth of my daughter meant that I needed to be home a lot more. So, I decided to pivot. I used my time at home — while baby was asleep — to complete my certificate of celebrancy and have been performing wedding ceremonies ever since.


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Where are you based and what locations do you service?

I'm Melbourne-based but have travelled all over the state for weddings and events.

What, or who, inspired you to become a celebrant?

I have spent most of my life speaking in front of people as a performer, host and entertainer. When I got married to my beautiful wife in 2015, I think going through the planning process with our amazing celebrant put the idea in my head and made me realise it was something I could do.


How do you think your childhood may have shaped your career path?

I always wanted to perform and be in front of people and always felt comfortable speaking to an audience. My path has included performing in schools and on stage, as well as being a host of events. Being a celebrant is a continuation of that, and also allows me to be a part of one of a couple’s happiest days.

Is it true that you used to be a kids’ performer?

Yes! Once upon a time I used to travel the world dressed up in big animal costumes performing in front of kids. I’ve been Wags the Dog, Scooby-Doo, Cookie Monster and many other characters on stage.


You hear a lot of wedding vows. Are there any that stand out, and do you have any advice for couples writing their own?

Vows are the most personal moment of a wedding ceremony, and they’re said in front of people who know them well, so there's really no need for couples to second-guess them or compare them to others. If a couple wants help though, I give them three questions to answer. What do they love about their partner? What are they looking forward to in married life? What will they do to try to make that happen? They can go off on whatever tangent they like, but starting with those three points they can’t really go wrong.

What was the most memorable wedding ceremony you’ve conducted?

I worked with one poor couple who had to postpone their big day four times due to Covid and they were beginning to lose all hope. When the bride finally walked down the aisle, after years of postponements and uncertainty, the relief and joy was palpable.



In your opinion, what are the main things couples need to consider when planning a wedding?   

If they’re having an outdoor ceremony, the obvious answer is the weather — having a contingency plan for a downpour can help avoid disappointment and chaos.
In my opinion couples should also plan the wedding that they would like to attend — the ceremony and the day should reflect the couple and their personalities. I can always provide suggestions to couples who want to know what happens at most weddings, but I have a soft spot for couples who want to put more of themselves into the ceremony.

At what point of their wedding planning should couples choose, and book, a celebrant?

The celebrant should be up there with the venue — as they help to establish the look, tone and feel of a ceremony they should be one of the earlier vendors locked in.


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What was your favourite wedding?

I had the honour of being able to conduct the wedding of my sister and her now-husband. Having my whole family there and being able to share their joy, both as a brother and celebrant, was a wonderful experience.

What makes your celebrancy service different?

While I know what works in a ceremony after performing more than 100 weddings, I love personalising my ceremonies to suit each couple and delivering whatever they want. Sometimes that’s a completely solemn traditional ceremony, sometimes it’s something completely outside the box and full of silliness. My background in theatre and performance allows me to take almost any idea a couple has and make it happen.


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