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Chic Hinterland Wedding On The Sunshine Coast 

Meet Queensland couple Shalon and Cameron, who’s biggest decision was whether there was a destination in Queensland that matched the atmosphere of their idealistic backyard location in the USA.

You will be inspired by the stunning greenery and chic styling on their wedding day on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Flaxton Gardens Sunshine Coast

Flaxton Gardens Sunshine Coast​

How was the question popped?


We were in Maine, USA at Sugarloaf Ski resort. We were there for two days, and if anyone knows Cameron, he loves to snowboard as much as possible. Shalon was coming back after ACL surgery earlier in the year, so was not sure if she was going to even go out on the slopes but decided to give it a try. 


Just before the last run of the day, Cameron was super keen to make it to the top again. It takes 2 lifts to get to the top, but unhappily, Shalon agreed. Lift 1 was still open, lift 2, not so lucky. Cameron was devastated. Halfway back, Cameron veered left when he should have veered right. There was nothing to the left, Shalon well knew; to get back, the trail continued right. He mimed 'Selfie.' With frozen hands, Shalon propped the phone up for the timer. Snap!


As Shalon went to grab the phone to return it to Cam's pocket, there it was, the ring. “What the heck!” she said, and plumped down right into the snow. The end, well not before riding all the way back to the base lodge!

Flaxton Gardens Sunshine Coast​

How did you and your love meet?

We both play for the same football club. We met at a club social gathering!

Flaxton Gardens Sunshine Coast​

Describe Your Wedding Theme & Colours

Chic farmhouse: lots of unstructured greenery mixed with white blooms. The accent colour was a dark plum that fit the setting and mood perfectly!

Flaxton Gardens Sunshine Coast​

How did you plan your wedding & find your vendors?


The biggest question to start was which country: USA, or Australia. The top choice was always Shalon's backyard at her family home. IF we could find a venue that matched that atmosphere, but in Queensland, the choice would be Australia.


We loved the idea of the Hinterland. We also wanted to choose a venue where we could have the ceremony and reception at the same place. As soon as we arrived at Flaxton Gardens, we were breath-taken. Not just by the view, but by the lush grounds, that were as comfortable as they were beautiful. It had everything we wanted, but it also allowed us every opportunity to make the venue exactly what we wanted.


To find our other vendors, we can't say enough about Instagram, reading reviews, and scheduling meetings in person! How you vibe with people can change everything.

Flaxton Gardens Sunshine Coast​

What was your favourite Wedding Moment?


Becoming husband and wife of course! It's hard to pick just one favourite moment! From the lovely speeches, the epic dance party, great food, friends and family from all over the world, we could not have asked for a better day.


One of the things we will remember is almost having to choose the rain ceremony option. About an hour before the wedding, we took the risk of the outside ceremony option, even with the clouds looming in the background.


A risk well worth it, no rain, and a little wind swept hair makes for better pictures!

Flaxton Gardens Sunshine Coast​

Who was your favourite Wedding Vendor & Why?


Flaxton Gardens. The staff were always so welcoming, accommodating, and understanding. Even down to a last minute staple job right before walking down the aisle!


The food was perfect, and we couldn't have asked for a better atmosphere.

Flaxton Gardens Sunshine Coast​

What is your advice to couples planning their wedding?


Do research! You may know either exactly what you like, or exactly what you don't like. Or you may not have any idea yet. Once you start researching, reading reviews, and looking at pictures the ideas in your head will start to come together, and your vision will be refined.


Book as soon as you know! If you find the photographer, the cake, the flowers you know you'll love, don't wait, book it! Having things to check off your list will give you peace of mind as you go. It's just one less thing to worry about!

Flaxton Gardens Sunshine Coast​

Venue: Flaxton Gardens
Suits: Black Jacket Suiting
Graeme Passmore Photography 
Hair/Make-up: Backstage Beauty
MC/DJ: G&M Event Group