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A Modern Industrial Wedding at Melbourne's Showtime Events. 

“Marriage: An endless sleepover with your favourite weirdo” – Kitmun
Wedding Date: 21 March 2020

Meet Melbourne couple Kitmun and Daniel, who decided to go ahead with their industrial chic wedding theme at  Melbourne's ABIA Award Winning Showtime Events Centre, even with the uncertainty of COVID-19 pandemic looming. 

We are seriously inspired by their optimism of having the wedding of their dreams just in time and the beauty & creativity that transpired at this extraordinary event!

Wedding Venue, Melbourne

Wedding Venue, Melbourne

How was the question popped?


We were walking around Docklands and he wanted to walk to the park to check out this ‘new basketball court’ they built. I was starting to get sick with the cold so I wasn't feeling up to it but he made me go anyway. I was whinging the whole time and being a little sulk. When we got there I just sat on the bench and pulled out my phone, completely uninterested while Dan was trying to distract me by talking about random crap. Then he goes up to me and asks if he could ask me a question, and to put away my phone. Dan always pull this trick with me where he acts all serious to ask me a question, then ends up saying something like ‘get me a coffee’. So, begrudgingly, I put away my phone and was like “whatttttttt?” and when I looked up he was on his knee with the ring, and asked me to marry him.

Wedding Dress, Melbourne

How did you and your love meet?

"When I bought my first new car at City Mazda. He was the salesperson who sold it to me." Ah, thank you Mazda!

Wedding Ceremony, Melbourne

Describe Your Wedding Theme & Colours

"Probably best described as modern rustic and chic with sage green and apricot as our main colour."

With ABIA's research and the Managing Director's background in Digital Design, Green and orange are almost opposite on the colour wheel, which means its a great & succesful contrast in terms of colour combinations. 

Wedding Venue, Melbourne

How did you plan your wedding & find your vendors?

"We were lucky to know a lot of people who recently got married so we worked mostly using referrals as well as a lot of online research!"

Research is so so important when planning your wedding day, please research wedding reviews before making any booking decisions, to ensure you are investing your money with experienced and trustworthy wedding vendors. 

Wedding Venue, Melbourne

What was your favourite Wedding Moment?

So many to pick from! I think it will definitely be walking down the aisle during our ceremony.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, and the endless changes to government legislation there was a lot of stress leading up to the wedding. I think this is my favourite moment for a few reasons.

First, the wedding was actually happening after so many hurdles to get here.

Secondly, seeing the ceremony set up which was so much better than I envisioned.

Lastly, is seeing Dan waiting anxiously at the end of the aisle.

Wedding Venue, Melbourne

Who was your favourite Wedding Vendor & Why?

We had such a great time dealing with every one of our vendors, but if I had to choose I'll have to go with Gavin Johnson from Showtime Events, also our wedding producer.

He has been amazing from day one and made the whole wedding experience fun and easy!

He was so helpful and patient with everything, and definitely made the day more than special for us.

Every other person we dealt with at Showtime Events were also beyond amazing, and we were very lucky to have such an amazing team for our wedding.

Wedding Venue, Melbourne

What is your advice to couples planning their wedding?

Just have fun! You can only plan what you can and if things fall through (which always does!) just go with the flow.

Just remember that at the end of the day, the wedding is about you two as a couple so whatever happens, just embrace it and look back and laugh!


Wedding Venue, Melbourne

Wedding Venue, Melbourne

Venue: Showtime Events Centre

Photographer: Anitra Wells