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A Tropical Beach Wedding on Hayman Island, Queensland

"Our engagement party happened AFTER the wedding!"

Wedding Date: 5th February 2021

Meet Laura and David, a Melbourne couple who decided to say 'I Do' with a tropical beach wedding on Hayman Island, Queensland.

Their intimate ceremony on the sand was followed by an alfresco restaurant dinner - and what a beautiful setting they had! Read below to find out about their special day, their planning process and the wedding vendors they chose.


Beach Wedding Hayman Island Queensland
Beach Wedding Hayman Island Queensland

How did you both meet?

Through motorsport - Dave was part of the pit crew on a Supercar team. 


Beach Wedding Hayman Island Queensland

How was the question popped?

November 5, 2019. A chilly morning at the top of Mt Wellington over looking the city Hobart, Tasmania.


Beach Wedding Hayman Island Queensland


Where did you get married?

Coconut Beach, Hayman Island. A quiet little area of the island usually reserved for adults only. We were both bare feet, with the sand between our toes. 

Pacific Restaurant, Hayman Island. An outdoor alfresco area overlooking the water. We paused dinner between Main and Dessert to take some incredible night time photography on the beach with sparklers! 


Beach Wedding Hayman Island Queensland


Describe your wedding theme and styling inspiration.

I told my florist “Bush tropical”. My vision was combining the bush with the tropics, I struggled to find anything on this theme initially but plenty of reviews, images and research brough this dream to life. Dave grew up in the county thus it was important to me to incorporated this look within my bouquet and his button hole; balanced with the palm trees scattered around the island. Overall: simple, elegant shades of white mixed with the colours of sand and the sea. 


Beach Wedding Hayman Island Queensland


Tell us something unique about your day.

Sand Ceremony – Container of lighter sand is from 90 mile beach in East Gippsland, Victoria. Growing up in country Victoria, his family lived close enough to 90 mile beach humbly named ‘Linda’s Beach’ after Dave’s mum. His sand was sourced from that beach. The darker red sand represented Laura and was from Lake Hume. Her family spent their holidays at a unit at a holiday park on Lake Hume on the Victoria/New South Wales border. 

 Beach Wedding Hayman Island Queensland

Any funny moments?

It started raining, ever so lightly on our photo tour. Disembarking the 49 ft sailing boat after some photos onboard, Laura’s train nearly ended up in the water!

Beach Wedding Hayman Island Queensland
What was most important to you both on your wedding day?

Relaxed, laid back feel. The sand between our toes. Having our parents present, but not our siblings, or any other family and friends for that matter! This was part of the surprise for when we returned to Melbourne. You see, our ENGAGEMENT PARTY happened AFTER the wedding.

Our engagement party was scheduled for March 2020 and was cancelled (COVID). We decided by December 2020 'lets just get married' but we were firm on rescheduling the engagement party at some point. We travelled to Hayman Island for our Wedding February 5, 2021 and held our 'engagement party' two weeks later on February 20th, 2021 in the tiny country town of Nowa Nowa, VIC. Here we announced to our closest family and friends our marriage! (The Nowa Nowa location was also chosen following the devestating bushfires shortly after we were engaged;this was our way of boosting visitors to the town as we took inspiration from the 'Go with empty eskies' movement.)


Beach Wedding Hayman Island Queensland

Who was your favourite wedding vendor and why?

Th3rd Dimension Media - This dynamic duo did not disappoint! Pablo on film and Kate on photography were incredible, Pablo also holds a drone licence and delivered some incredible footage up and above Hayman Island and the Whitsundays.

In addition, it's no secret my husband isn't the biggest fan of photos - but Kate and Pablo made Dave feel so at ease and comfortable pre-wedding. Making the post ceremony photo tour and absolute laugh and a breeze! We had the best time wandering the island with these two capturing some amazing imagery! 

Some one gave me a very good piece of advice while I was planning, when someone asks you about your wedding the first thing you show them is a photo - we made the best choice with this team!

Beach Wedding Hayman Island Queensland
Beach Wedding Hayman Island QueenslandBeach Wedding Hayman Island Queensland

Venue: Intercontinental Hayman Island 
Celebrant: Peter Upton
Photography & Videography: Th3rd Dimension Media
Flowers: Sofi and Flora
Dress: Brides of Melbourne
Hair and Makeup: Hayman Salon
Groom's outfit: RM Williams
Rings: Tiffany and Co
Luggage tags/place cards: Sign&co