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Rustic Yarra Wedding at the Picturesque Zonzo Estate.

Meet Melbourne couple Melanie and James, who planned their wedding day at the Picturesque venue Zonzo Estate which overlooks the serene Yarra Valley

You will be inspired by this simple yet romantic wedding day not far from Melbourne. 

Wedding Venue, Melbourne

How was the question popped?


We booked a long weekend getaway to the Mornington Peninsula. First on the list was a lovely lunch at Polperro Winery.

He wasn't eating much, which was a clear sign to me that something wasn't right.

I was happy to just sit and people watch at our table, but James was really keen to go for a little stroll.

He then approached a 'random' couple with very professional looking cameras to take a photo of us 'on our phone' and they happened to be photographers that James hired to capture the proposal.

We were both so teary, people were clapping and cheering from the restaurant and it was honestly the most beautiful moment, one we'll never forget.

Wedding Venue, Melbourne​

How did you and your love meet?

James and I met at uni, just by chance as I went to meet a mutual friend for coffee.

Wedding Venue, Melbourne​

Describe Your Wedding Theme & Colours

Zonzo is a stunning Estate that we could honestly not fault.

We loved the rustic look and just wanted to make it a little bit more romantic with white roses and candles.

Very simple, very us.

Wedding Venue, Melbourne​

How did you plan your wedding & find your vendors?

Instagram. Honestly, we did hours and hours of online research and using Instagram. It has EVERYTHING from floral arrangements to name card inspiration.

Some vendors were recommended to us by the venue and some by friends.

The rest we just contacted ourselves and held phone meetings with.

Wedding Venue, Melbourne​

What was your favourite Wedding Moment?

Walking down the aisle and finally seeing James.

Also, my veil had a mind of its own but I didn't care, it probably made me relax more.

Wedding Venue, Melbourne​

Who was your favourite Wedding Vendor & Why?

Our celebrant Paul Bonadio (A Stand-up celebrant).

He also MC'd our reception and was just incredible.

Our guests loved him and honestly all thought he was a close friend of ours because of how well he told our story.

Wedding Venue, Melbourne​​

What is your advice to couples planning their wedding?

Enjoy it and don't worry about the little things. The size and shape of your name cards will seriously not matter on the day. Also, do what you want to do, don't feel pressured by other people. It's your day after all.

Wedding Venue, Melbourne​

Wedding Venue, Melbourne​


Venue: Zonzo Estate 
DJ: Mercury DJ Hire

Acoustic singers (ceremony): Stone and Co Music
Celebrant and MC: A Stand Up Celebrant
Mel's Dress: Georgia Young Couture
Mel's Second dress: Hexie
Flowers: Sugar bee Flowers
Hair: Alarah Studio
Make up: Jack Cail
Photographer: Bianca Virtue
Videographers: Duuet