The Best 14 Celebrants in Adelaide

If you're looking for an Adelaide Celebrant, you have come to the right place. The Married Couples of 2019/2020 have spoken and have determined the Top 14 Celebrants in Adelaide!

Save yourself the time, by connecting with these highly trusted, kind, and truly professional celebrants!

Vicky Flanegan Celebrant Best in Adelaide


Why invest in one of these trusted & professional Celebrant in Adelaide?

A celebrant may not be there for the entirety of your wedding day, however, they play a very integral part of your special day, and certainly have the great ability to set a positive & wonderful tone for your ceremony. This is why it is so important to research & meet with your celebrant before saying "I Do". Make sure you look for verified wedding reviews and ensure they have a high-customer satisfaction rating.

These brilliant Adelaide Celebrants have the great 'gift of the gab' and are smart when it comes to thinking on their feet.

So much is happening prior to and during the ceremony, that these experienced celebrants will be your second-set of eyes to ensure everything is running smoothly.There's a lot more to a celebrant than solely reading from a piece of paper, the great ones have the experience of working with many couples, vendors, and wedding venues, have a quality PA System so your guests can actually hear you, are fantastic public speakers and can grasp any situation to ensure you are your most relaxed!

Our suggestion is not to cut on costs when selecting a professional celebrant. Making that extra investment is one less thing to worry about because the best celebrant will have everything under control.

So, choose a celebrant that is experienced, highly recommended, and one that will assist you in shining your personality at your ceremony - that way, you will be most comfortable when pronouncing your love and marriage to your bestie.


How was this list of Top Adelaide Celebrants Determined?

Each year, ABIA has nearly 30,000 Married Couples invited to Rate, Recommend & Review their Wedding Vendors, for the Quality of Product, Quality of Service, Attitude of Staff, and Overall value. This customer-feedback determines the below list and the Winners & Finalists of the ABIA Wedding Industry Awards. We pride ourselves in representing this incredible portfolio of Adelaide Celebrants based on the real feedback of South Australian Married Couples, which determined the best & most trusted celebrants in the 20th South Australian ABIA Wedding Industry Awards. 

Enjoy learning a little more about South Australia's Best Celebrants below!

Titled South Australia's Best Celebrant in 2020.

Location: Adelaide & South Australia.

Vicky Flanegan Celebrant Best in Adelaide

Victoria's style as a celebrant is professional, relaxed, and a little on the cheeky side too, so there are usually lots of laughs and often tears (usually Victoria's happy tears) in the ceremony. Her ceremonies focus on sharing your journey as a couple of how you made it to your wedding day and all you are looking forward to as you continue your journey as a married couple!

To Victoria Edwards, being a Celebrant is an amazing honour and a fabulous job, as she loves to meet couples who have different styles, personalities, and it's a passion to be part of someone's special day.

After being appointed as a Celebrant in September 2015, Victoria Edwards has celebrated 300+ gorgeous couples.

We are in full support that Victoria Edwards services all types of wedding ceremonies as she has been LBQTI+ Friendly since forever.

Victoria Edwards - Adelaide Marriage Celebrant Customer Reviews. 

Victoria Edwards Celebrant Best in Adelaide

Victoria Edwards Celebrant Best in Adelaide


Vicky won Best Celebrant of the Year at the 2019 and the 2017 South Australian ABIA Wedding Industry Awards.

Best Adelaide celebrant Vicky Flanegan

Meet Vicky Flanegan, the fully accredited Adelaide Marriage Celebrant, that has been performing modern and engaging ceremonies for over 9 years.

With a heart of gold, an infectious smile, and an incredible community spirit, where Vicky will steer you in the right direction to finding other brilliant Wedding Vendors for your day, she will be that bright light everyone adores. This is a woman who will work hard for every couple, to make each ceremony and the ceremony planning part of your big day as stress-free, relaxed, and as fun as we can possibly make it.

Vicky is one of those great people that thrives off everyone else's positive emotion, she loves when everyone laughs, cries and interacts with her and each other, she seriously adores her role as Celebrant. She's of the wonderful mind: "What's not to love", with a day filled with lots of love, some happy tears, and maybe a glass of cheeky champagne or two with your family and dearest friends.

Everything is included, so you can get onto the important job of making you into married people by the end of your wonderful day and you can get on with the planning of everything else you need to do as a couple.
"There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice" - F.Scott Fitzgerald

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Vicky Flanegan Celebrant Best in Adelaide

Celebrant: Vicky Flanegan. Photographer: Nicola Lemmon Photography

Best Adelaide celebrant Vicky Flanegan

#3 - Camille Abbott Marriage Celebrant

ABIA Award 3rd Place (Tie)

Camille won Best Celebrant of the Year at the 2015 ABIA Wedding Industry Awards and has been recommended over 220+ times via ABIA.

Camille is an absolute superstar, not only as a Celebrant, but that legend you can rely on for all components of your wedding day!

It's Camille's mission to ensure your Ceremony is relaxed, natural and fun, the tone is light-hearted, but still sincere so that your guests are actually connected to what is going on.

This brilliant celebrant will ensure that you and your partner feel absolutely connected at all times during the ceremony.

As a full-time Celebrant in Adelaide, with over 750+ ceremonies, Camille's heart is where it belongs, and that is marrying two best friends.

Drop Camille a line, so you can have a chat about your big day and how she can make it unforgettable for you. 

Find out more about Camille Abbott Marriage Celebrant's ABIA Reviews



#3 - Celebrations By Penelope

ABIA Award 3rd Place (Tie)

Penelope won Best Celebrant of the Year at the 2018 in the South Australian ABIA Wedding Industry Awards.

If you are a person who loves to be organised and connects well with other organised people, Celebrations by Penelope is your ideal Adelaide Celebrant!

Penelope is definitely a high-achiever who continues to exceed the high expectations of her very happy wedding couples! To prove this, check out her written testimonials with ABIA below.

Penelope is a full-time celebrant for almost 9 years, and has been involved with 400+ ceremonies!

Outgoing, experienced, fun and importantly a very modern celebrant, is how Penelope would be described. Focusing on making your ceremony memorable for all the right reasons, and importantly stress-free.

It is her honour to create for you a ceremony that is personal, engaging, and romantic with your own individual personalities. Very important!.

As your celebrant, Penelope's aim to provide incredible memories for a lifetime alongside outstanding service, throughout the planning of your wedding day. Whether your ceremony is traditional, unique, or somewhere in between, she can help you make your wedding day what you've always wished for.

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Melanie is an absolute sweetheart who is a great supporter of all kinds of weddings!

She loves collaborating with loved-up couples and creating a personalised wedding ceremony.

Based in beautiful Langhorne Creek of South Australia, a cosy country town surrounded by the most majestic vineyards and wineries.Melanie will travel to all areas including Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Murraylands and Fleurieu Peninsula.

Your wedding day is one of the most personal and cherished days of your life. Your wedding ceremony itself should be just as personal. If you are planning your wedding, renewal or naming ceremony, she'd love to hear from you so you can organise a meeting or a FaceTime chat.

Contact Details: Melanie Schubert Marriage Celebrant


#6 - Natasha Winter - Marriage Celebrant

ABIA Award Finalist


#7 - Amy Harrison Celebrant

ABIA Award Finalist


#8 - Jacqui Leopardi Celebrant

ABIA Award Finalist

Adelaide Celebrant - Jacqui Leopardi

An authorised Adelaide Marriage Celebrant who is a self-confessed travelling gypsy by heart, with a will to travel near and far. Also, CAN definitely rock a colourful pantsuit!

Melanie from Melebrant (what a great play on words) is personal, bright, bubbly and professional!

Has a great love for a laugh, whilst being incredibly passionate in connecting with people and sharing their stories. Throughout her career endeavors, she has had the opportunity to enhance her communication skills to a level that allows her to relate to all sorts of wonderful people.

With a background in working as a director of a childcare centre and in an animal welfare charity, it is her passion to communicate and connect with care and positivity. Her passion to communicate with others has naturally developed into becoming an Authorised Marriage Celebrant.

Not only does Melanie Millen Celebrant have extensive experience in public speaking, but also has a knack to make you feel at ease and create a comfortable space to chit chat with you and your loved one. Melanie will get down to the nitty-gritty on what makes your relationship unique and special and express this during your ceremony.

Contact Details: Melebrant - Melanie Millen


Adelaide Celebrant Gerrelyn Ceremonies

Gerrelyn is honestly the sweetest and a big supporter of all the other brilliant celebrants in Adelaide, which is reflective of her kind personality. 

She is fun, relaxed, modern, and an enthusiastic Marriage Celebrant who totally loves to be a part of your special day! Performing not only weddings, also the renewal of marriage vows, love commitment ceremony, namings and other great ceremonies.

Ensuring you have fun and your wedding planning is stress-free, is a priority for the wonderful Gerrelyn. Gerrelyn will work with you from your first enquiry to each phase of your wedding planning, to ensure you feel as confident as possible leading up to your wedding day; from completing legal documents to the planning of your wedding ceremony in a fresh approach and enjoyable way.

For Gerrelyn, she says playing such an important role in couples' wedding day really is a privilege, and you absolutely see this in her ABIA Reviews, Ratings & Awards.

Based in Adelaide but happy to travel Australia-wide to officiate weddings. So what are you waiting for... contact Gerrelyn for a chat and it will be a great pleasure for you to meet!

Gerrelyn is also married to the ABIA Award Winning Wedding Photographer Jason Wong Photography. What a team to have!

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Adelaide Celebrant Gerrelyn Ceremonies
Adelaide Celebrant Gerrelyn Ceremonies

An experienced Celebrant in Adelaide which prides herself on providing a friendly and professional service, which is the right fit for you.

It is important for Annette Perryman to showcase your personalities and values during your ceremony, and she will sit down with you to plan this out prior to your ceremony.

With the lead up to the wedding day, she will focus on your values, and express your commitment and love for each other on your wedding day.

Reading the experiences of couples via Annette's ABIA Reviews, you will quickly learn she is a much-appreciated Celebrant, by her very own married couples.

Annette has attracted couples from all around the world, from the UK, the USA to China - she will tailor your ceremony to suit you and your traditions.

Read Annette Perryman Marriage Celebrant Adelaide's ABIA Reviews. 



#12 - Kimberly Allmond Civil Celebrant

ABIA Award Finalist

With experience since 2013, Kimberly has witnesses the changes in trends of Ceremonies, however has always stayed true to making your ceremony remarkable to you.

Kimberly focuses on you and your relationship, whether that be simplistic, traditional or something a outside the ordinary, whatever it is Kimberly will guide you with great confidence all the way to the arbour!

It's the mission of Kimberly to ensure a ceremony is a memorable one, for all the right reasons. You want your guests to walk away and say they felt the emotion and they connected to the ceremony because the ceremony connected with the couple.

Kimberly holds great pride as a Celebrant in Adelaide, to ensure all your Legal Paperwork is in top-notch form and that your ceremony is perfect.

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#13 - Married by Ali

ABIA Award Finalist


Photo by Travis & Benny Photography

#14 - It Must Be Love Celebrant

ABIA Award Finalist

A husband & wife team (Richard & Maria), who sincerely want you to have the best ceremony, meet It Must Be Love Celebrant!

They further offer Richard's DJ/MC services to complete your big day seamlessly.


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