Black Avenue Productions - Melbourne Wedding Videography and Photography 

Wedding Day
If you haven't been married before, let me tell you. The getting married part takes about half an hour - the rest of the day is about you feeling relieved it's mostly over, letting your hair down and having a great laugh with friends and family. 

If I could take back my wedding photos and reshoot them.. I so would! But once the day is gone it's gone forever. 

Research is Key
Sadly, I rushed booking a wedding photographer and ended up regretting it. I spent the most on photos from my wedding budget and in the end I wasn't happy. The photographer just didn't connect, listen to our preferences or ask us questions about what 'we' wanted. 

Planning for Videography
I also regret not having videography in our package because it was "out of my budget" and I thought "I didn't need it". I asked a friend to shoot some video for us which, turned out really bad. When I found a few thousand dollars in the wishing well at the end of our wedding night, I almost cried!

Black Avenue Productions Goal
Today, I make it my personal mission on every job to ensure I understand what couples want. Not just what will look good in a photo or printed on a canvas, but what couples genuinely want to remember years after their wedding day.

This is our passion. This is our craft.

A little about Black Avenue Productions

  • Started in 2016 by Derek Chan and Lowina Blackman
  • Derek (Photographer) has a PHD in civil engineering but decided to follow his heart - photography, he quit his university professor job to pursuit his dreams
  • Lowina (Photographer) was a fashion designer for a decade. Cat lover, ramen enthusiast, can get a little over excited about weddings, love beautiful things
  • Eileen (Hair & Makeup artist) - vegan with a big heart, love fashion, styling and beautiful things. Speak fluent in Spanish and little bit Cantonese.
  • Joseph (Videographer) - Passionate about videography, he gets lots of film making inspirations from watching Korean dramas.
  • Andy (Videographer) - Award winning videographer, has been a full time professional videographer for years, big fan of Japan, super friendly.
  • Dani (Videographer) - Has been shooting videos for 20+ years, love creating music videos. Capturing natural moments from afar is his specialty
  • Small, friendly, passionate Melbourne-based team - loves connecting with couples
  • Range of wedding photography and videography products and services
  • Intimate, friendly, candid, natural story telling
  • Not forced or rushed, no heavy photoshopped
  • Limited number of wedding jobs each year - we believe in quality not quantity, we do not want to drain our passion
  • We donate a small portion of profit from each job to a local charity

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